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A political quiz can be found at www.selectsmart.com under the New Presidential Candidate Selector. It was interesting that it pointed me out as a socialist. (Non-democratic socialism will not work. It is not as extreme as one might think if you read the basic platform afterwards.) Most quizzes aren’t that detailed. For the most part, the candidate it selected for me, David McReynolds and my views were aligned pretty much in sync. WOOHOO! This has rarely happened in earlier political quizzes.

I hope that you guys enjoy the quiz.

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I scored as Left-Liberal. The candidates “recommended” for me were David McReynolds (socialist) and Ralph Nader (green party), with Bill Bradley being a close third.

And I was hoping to end up with Pat Buchanan!

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Well, I ended up with George W. Bush and Alan Keyes in a dead heat, which seems pretty much on the mark. I also took the world’s smallest political quiz and ended up in the nexus of Right Conservative/moderate/libertarian which shocks me very little.

I guess after following politics since I was 5 my views are getting pretty set at the ripe old age of 24.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

I got the same as Arnold. C’mon, AW, I’ll buy ya a beer.


Boy that thing looks an awful lot like the Libertarian Quiz I took a while ago. If the questions were any more slanted they’d fall off the page.

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Another Left-Liberal, Top Match Bradley, followed by Gore, then in third McReynolds. I actually like Bradley the best.

I agree on the slantedness of the questions, but my answers would be the same regardless of slant.

Bill Bradley (D), with a score of 66. I found the quiz to be very accurate because I can say with great certainty that unlike previous elections there is no candidate this time around that I find particularly appealing.

I am usually considered to be more Republican/Conservative (Canadian political party) than Democrat/NDP so it is funny that Bill Bradley is my best choice, according to the quiz.

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Another Left-Liberal here…got McReynolds, then Bradley, then Nader.

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Really interesting, this quiz. Ralph Nader was ranked as my top choice, and I was somewhat surprised as a card carrying Libertarian to find our own beloved Mr. Browne way down at 5th choice, below the Democrats!
I may have to get a different card.

Left-Liberal (surprise!), Bill Bradley (surprise again!)

Some of those questions were more than a bit vague: “Do you believe government should control radio, TV and the Internet?” Well, define “control.” Do you mean see to the efficient allocation of frequencies, spectra and the like? Sure. Do you mean control the content? No.

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Howard Phillips of the Constitution Party.

I don’t agree with all of his views as presented, but I do think the federal gov’t needs to be pushed back inside the constitutional boundaries.

He seems to have a bit of a problem with homosexuals and advocates Christian teachings in the public schools. Those are the two major bones of contention I have.

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Bradley 65%

Bill Bradley, which was a surprise for me. I consider myself a Republican but am socially moderate if fiscally conservative. I guess it focused on the socially moderate part. Interesting quiz.


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And I’m a MODERATE!!! How exciting!

Actually, I feel about average about it.

Color me a nice, conservative, Alan Keyes kind of guy. Too bad I won’t get to vote for him. Looks like another “lesser of the two evils” election to me.

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Bradley at the top. Keyes and Buchanon at the bottom. I can live with it, though I view Bradley as only moderatly better than the rest of a mediocre Democratic Party.

I was surprised that John McCain did not score higher on my quiz, as I appreciate his position on many issues and might vote for him if I were ever given the chance. (note: As a registered independent I despise the fact that my tax dollars fund closed party primaries in which I cannot vote.)

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I had the same results as Arn and Uke. Can the three of us have a political discussion sometime? It’ll be the first time I won’t have to scream my head off.

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Where are you guys finding the rankings of who you should vote for? The only mention of candidates that I see is when you choose who you like for the next election.

I was right smack-dab in the middle of left-liberal. Surprise.

Wow… strongly to the left for me. Bill Bradley looks like my candidate, with a score of 85, followed by… Alan Keyes. No, seriously, followed by Ralph Nader, with 83 points. Al Gore came in fourth, and Alan Keyes last. So there I stand, appearently.

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