Political sign protection ideas thread!

Many of us have had our campaign signs stolen or defaced, or know someone who has. We’ve had two stolen in less than a week. I think we can all agree that sign stealing is wrong, regardless of the political opinions we hold. Stealing signs goes against our ideals of freedom of expression, free and rational debate, and a proper democratic process (and, incidentally, property rights). So this isn’t a thread about who we’re voting for–it’s about keeping our signs.

What do you prefer to do?

Lots of people are taking theirs in at night–is that a smart maneuver, or is it somehow giving in?
Is keeping a sign in your window instead of on the lawn a good idea, or does it lessen visibility and potentially invite rock-throwing?
Do you just keep a stack in the house to replace them every few days and give a contribution to your campaign every time it happens?
Are you the Hydra–every time one is stolen, two more appear on your lawn?
Are you starting to plot with video cameras, motion sensor lights and minor electric shocks?
Are you smearing baby oil on your sign, or possibly essence of skunk?

What is your sign philosophy?

You guys are getting political signs? Around here, Obama signs are nearly impossible to get because of a shortage in supply and the “signs don’t vote” philosophy of campaign managers. In my very left-leaning part of town, McCain-Palin signs are beginning to outnumber Obama signs.

How to protect signs? Maybe cover them in oil or Vaseline?

I didn’t say it was an Obama sign; it was in fact about a more local campaign. I don’t like either candidate enough to put a sign out, though of course I’ll be voting. However, whatever the sign is about, it shouldn’t be taken! (I am sure that no Doper would ever stoop to such tactics, since we are such an upstanding group of citizens here.) :wink:

Rub the sign with poison ivy.

No smell, no mess, and only a trespasser pissing with your property will be affected.

I like the poison ivy idea.
Just got a new Obama sign after our old one was stolen - happened to run into the local Dem Precinct captain while walking the dog.
He recommended smearing vaseline along the top of it.
But I figure I’ll just put it out there - and if it disappears, have another reason for disliking my neighbors!

That is a great idea. Even though I’m solidly in MCcain country that is still a funny way to get back at the evil bastards. Especially if they feel compelled to masturbate over a Palin sign. Maybe I’m just easily amused.

I put a bigger sign next to my Obama sign that says “SMILE FOR THE CAMERA” my old one said “SMILE YOU’RE ON CANDID CAMERA” but I thought I should be more clear.

Ooh, poison ivy is a pretty neat idea–too bad it doesn’t grow here!

If you could get some skunks, some electric collars, and invisible fence, I think your problem would be solved.

Ours get stolen by high schoolers. Then they appear in yards where the trees have sprouted toilet paper… No ideas on how to protect them, but a big stink was made last year by one side over “the other side stealing their lawn signs” only to look silly when the police came forward and explained that high schoolers think this is a funny prank, and take both side’s signs to do it.

Hire a guard. With a shotgun.

Crocodile pit under the sign and a trap door which is activated when the sign is pulled.

Scratch that, make it an alligator pit. Possession of an alligator is only a misdemeanor, crocodiles are a felony.

Wearing gloves, cut up some habaneros or scotch bonnet chilis. Rub the white inner stuff that holds the seeds all over your sign (my Obama sign is plastic, so it would be fine). The white stuff, not the seeds is were the highest concentration of capsaicin is. The vandals hands will uncomfortably burn for hours, and they just might rub their eyes!