Poll: 2021 World Series: Who will win it all?

  • Atlanta, in a blowout (4-5 games total)
  • Houston, in a blowout (4-5 games total)
  • Atlanta, in a close series (6-7 games total)
  • Houston, in a close series (6-7 games total)

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The game starts at 7:09 CST. I’ll try to end the poll at 8:39 CST.

Atlanta in 7. This team has the same air of destiny about them that my Nats did in 2019.

I really want Not the Astros to win.

I was a White Sox fan till that nasty “No Series” thing happened. They were in the hunt but died off early.

Mrs L and I honeymooned in Boston and toured Fenway. I would have been happy to cheer the Bosox on.

But we’re left with these. I think I posted elsewhere in these boards that one pitcher had come forward to say that sure, the Astros got nabbed in the cheating thing but it was rampant. Meanwhile I remember Ted Turner pushing the Braves as “America’s Team,” and though he’s gone that stank holds on.

Me too in basically every game.

So it’s probably going to be the Trashtros winning in a blowout.

Calling it…

The Braves are preparing for an epic choke.

The majority was right in this poll!