poll coding test (meaningless)

Just to see how polls are set up.

Somehow I thought this would be more difficult.

It would’ve been if you’d done it right.


Yikes! What did I do wrong? It looks OK from my POV; Is something amiss when viewing from outside my login?

Nothing. I was joking. Hence the :smiley:

Oooh. The old “whoosh” the newbie poller trick. I get it now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply, I’m busily composing a poll for IMHO and want to get it right. Almost done except for bringing in the required team of grammar and punctuation experts to conduct a formal review. Can’t be too careful around here, eh. :smiley:

Just to see what others might have done, I voted to learn that there are more “other” preferrers than I would have predicted.

I think the ideal poll would be one with only one choice. Having a generic name for such a thing might be a fun challenge. Non-democratic? Despotic? What?

I’m one of those that say you need the “other” option in all polls. As I see the world, there’s always something other than Yes-No, or True-False, or Male-Female, to consider. Many polls make that false binary exclusionary principle a given. In such polls, I tend not to vote.

What does it say about human psychology that there are ten times as many votes for ‘other’ (at time of writing) as there are for the next most popular choice?

I voted for ‘other’. I’m a pollster’s dream - just can’t help myself.

It means that **pullin **missed at least one important and obvious choice that applies to his target audience.


Everybody wants to be different…

The first choice was my first choice, but I thought better of it and went with my second choice, the second choice.

I see that I am unique, just like everyone else.