The other Tie Poll

This is just for fun. Let’s try to make this poll a tie–that is, make the options have as even a vote distribution as possible. BUT YOU CAN’T LOOK AT THE RESULTS BEFORE YOU VOTE. I mean I can’t enforce that, but it would make it pointless. So just vote and let’s see how close we get :smiley:

(This is what I thought of when I saw The Tie Poll)

(You know, this really more belongs in MPSIMS…)

Oh, and if you haven’t voted yet, please vote before reading the thread, in case we mention how the results are shaping up.

Before I voted, there was a two way tie for second…and I correctly picked one of them. So there’s now a two way tie for first.

I think if the third option were “Hi, Opal!”, it would have won in a landslide.


The prevailing wisdom is that when in doubt answer C is most likely to be correct. So I must choose C. But in this situation the right choice is the wrong choice, so by choosing a wrong choice I will increase my odds of it being the right choice. So I can clearly not choose option C.

Surely no one would pick the first option as that is too obvious, so option A must be my choice. But this being an intelligent board, many would recognize the obvious tendency to avoid the obvious, thereby necessitating their unexpected choice of the obvious. So I can clearly not choose option A.

This brings us to a logical conclusion. B must be my choice. But the mere fact that this conclusion was reached through logic alerts us to the illogicality of choosing it. So I can clearly not choose option B.

However, the illogicality of choosing option B is exactly the type of logic needed to be successful. So clearly I must choose Option B.

ETA: Dang

It’s kind of an interesting experiment.

Before I voted, there was a tie for second. I broke that tie, so I guess I “chose wisely”.

Well, I picked one of the ones that is behind. I thinkg too many people are picking #2 specifically because #2 is often least picked in a group of three. I went with #1.

I rolled d6.

We have a current tie for first, which is good.

Well I helped out the one that was behind.

I voted C, and it’s the lowest, so I’m helping. I guess there’s some reverse psychology given who the OP is, and the third option!

Yep, I guessed that the last one would have fewer votes, and my vote bumped it (the lowest score at this point) up by one.

I did begin to get into the mental spin of “but what if everyone’s picking C because no one usually picks the last answer?”, but I squashed it and went with my gut.

Given the OP, I was compelled to pick the third option. No hesitation about it.

Yeah, me too! :slight_smile:

It has to come out pretty much even, doesn’t it?

Everyone’s going to second and third guess their picks, but overall there’s no fundamental reason why it wouldn’t approach 33/33/33 after infinite picks.

Such a strong showing for the third option makes me suspect a good third of us take the contrarian view on things.

Well, I’m contrary enough that I didn’t read the OP before responding to the poll. I did, however, check what the results were, and selected the one with the lowest number of votes.

We did a slightly more complicated version of this before with “Let’s Make a Bell Curve”.

It worked. Assuming people aren’t cheating, it is a pretty interesting experiment result. People are collaborating to meet a goal when they have no knowledge of what the others contributed and there is no reason to choose one over the other except for intuition. I smell a Nobel Prize.

I just tied up options 1 and 2.

I just untied 1 and 2. Dammit, I thought 3 would be the most popular.