Poll: Comb-over or rug?

Does the mayor of my city have an unusually thick comb-over, or is he sporting a rug? My fellow citizens are about evenly split on the subject.

Rug. And like most men, he’d look a lot better without it.

I voted comb-over, but I think I change my opinion from one option to the other every time I see the guy.

Oh boy. “Hair color so natural, only your undertaker will know.” You didn’t have an option for, “Medium-sized rodent,” so I think I’ll go for rug.

Too much hair for a comb-over, it’s a [del]rug[/del] sculpture.

Man, if I had a toupee like that I’d use it to dust the house.

My first thought was Gerbil.

That’s a comb-over. I met someone with that look a couple of years ago. When it fell out of place, as it often did, he looked like a bald man with a strange ponytail on the side.

Has there ever been a truly bald politician or newscaster? Does Ike count? How about Ford?


I am in my mid 40’s and have a head full of hair, but if I ever started to go bald, I would own it. When you go bald…go bald.

Poor Joe Sulzer. Not only is that a hair piece, but it’s a bad one.

You can’t see any scalp at the part all the way over by his ear, and you don’t see any forehead-hairline either. Both are signs of (relatively cheap) wigs.

I voted comb-over, because he could probably afford a rug that wasn’t purchased from the thrift shop in 1974.

Whatever it is, it isn’t good. :eek:

I voted rug in the hopes that he can take it off at home and not have to walk around leaning to one side…

Rug. He probably wears it as a face mask in the morning for the paper mill smell. :slight_smile:

I’m voting comb-over, mainly because I can’t imagine anyone purchasing a rug as coarse and unflattering as that. It’s like if Ted Koppel went through a matter transporting Telepod with a field of wheat.

Are we neighbors? :slight_smile:

So far, the rugs out-number the comb-overs by quite a bit. I agree that it looks amazingly thick for a comb-over, but I never notice the border between real hair and fake hair that is usually visible with cheap wigs on men. If it is his hair, I think it must be teased and sprayed to achieve the volume of hair that we see. Maybe one day I should ambush the guy with a bucket of water over his head, just to see what happens.

I vote rug. My god. Does this dude not have a wife? If so, she needs to hand in her wife card for letting him go around looking like that.

Nope. But I was up there for several summers back in the late 70’s/early 80’s for revival and Vacation Bible School: we were at a mission church off of Chillicothe Baptist. That smell - you never forget that smell.