Poll: How old are the Moderators of SDMB?

General Questions

Bibliophage - 33
Dr.Matrix - 50
Manhattan - 35

Great Debates

David B. - 40’s
Gaudere - 30’s/40’s
MEBuckner - 40’s

Cafe Society

Eutychus - 20’s
Ukulele Ike - 40’s

In My Humble Opinion

Czarcasm - 30’s
TVeblen - 20’s

The Mundane

Cajun Man - 50’s
Coldfire - 30’s
Uncle Beer - 41


Alphagene - 30’s
John Corado - 30’s
Lynn Bodoni - 40’s
These are general unless posted as exact. Even then they may not be fact. So what do others think about possible ages of the mods? I do not want to start any ageism here, I am just going on a hunch for most.

What about the teeming millions, have you ever got the impression a mod was of a certain age?

Um … first, this really isn’t much of a poll. Second, I can’t really see why they would want everyone in the world to know.

Good luck with this, but I don’t see it lasting.

Prior to taking the job, all were happy, go lucky spring chickens.

Now, they are all a bunch of crotchety geezers lamenting the passing of the good old days.

They’re all at least 100 (even the ones you claim as factually not).
Grouchy old coots, the lot of 'em.:smiley:

Ancient. Who do you think brought Atlantis down and wiped all traces of it from the earth?

Eutychus has to be at least 2000 years old, considering when he was first heard from. I’m still not sure if he’s recovered from that fall, though.

They’re all 21. Some of them just have more experience being 21 than the others. :wink:

I think the poll is what you think the moderators ages are.

Hmmm…47 letters in that post. Is that a clue? :wink:

Uh Gordon: Phlosphr distinctly says,

He’s asking for what people think a moderator’s age is. He’s doesn’t appear to be asking for facts…

What I really want to know is…

Who is the tallest moderator?

Who is the shortest moderator?

Who is the heaviest moderator?

Who is the lightest moderator?

Which moderator is the best dancer?

Which moderator is the best dresser?

Who is the most heavily armed moderator?

Which moderator is the best cook?

Which moderator has the largest collection of shoes?

Which moderator is most alone IRL?

Who is the most fertile moderator (family size wise) ?

Which moderator has the the most hazardous work environment?

Who is the grooviest, most connected moderator?

Who’s the moderator that’s a sex machine to all the chicks?

Who’s the moderator that would risk his neck for his brother man?

Who’s the moderator that won’t cop out when there’s danger all about?


By gosh, you’re absolutely correct! :wink: