Poll: IYO, is December a great big ninny?

This is a poll to determine if you consider December to be a great big ninny or not.

If you request a cite, go here and click on “Search All posts by this user”. (actually, dont. server stress and all.)

Decembers attempt to hijack this thread is the inspiration for this poll.
so, what say you? Yay or Nay?


Poll or not, this one goes to the Pit.
But of course you knew that, right?


Is it really pit worthy? Considering your thread on polling wether Krispy Original should be banned or not was started IMHO also? :wink:
Apols if in wrong thread to begin with.


[sub]Does it really make a difference what any of us says in here? It’s not like a majority vote can get 'im out of 'ere…[/sub]

Was not. :slight_smile:

That one WAS started in the Pit - unfortunately, it seems to have been deleted. Maybe just as well.
Also, a major difference was that the test subject was asking me, nay, daring me to post such a poll.

Anyways, it’s in the right place now, and that’s what matters.

I think he’s a useful ninny.

If a team of assasins is out to get you, why weed out the ones with the dull knives who stumble around?

I opened this expecting a thread on the hassles of the month called December. I’m posting to say that it is indeed a sucky month. I have no idea who the poster December is. Carry on.

Ninny? Yes. But I’m not prepared to rank him in the pecking order of ninnies as a Great Big, Mega, or Uber Ninny. Theres stiff competition for the top slots.

Ninny is not the word I would choose, but I’m with you anyway.

I don’t agree with most of December’s posts but I would rather have all sides represented on these boards than just chat with a bunch of people who agree with me. Yes, I wish he would provide a few more cites and try harder to not always jump on the conservative bandwagon. I find some of his takes downright infuriating.


I’ve never seen him be rude or personally attack anyone. Thats a lot more than can be said for a lot of posters here (unfortunately including myself at times).

He who is without sin may cast the first stone… so I revoke my vote.

I don’t think he should be banned or anthing, I just think he is a ninny who is incapable of listening to reason and wanted to know if anyone agreed with me.

My impression of him of course is based on only one very small aspect of the person, the posts he has made that I happened to have payed attention to. So with that caveat, I must say that my impression of December is that he is one of those people who simply MUST defend a person because they happen to be in his political party. I find this blind devotion to a political party something less that intelligent.

I suppose it may be a tremendous coincidence and he just happens to fall on the side of the argument that always just happens to favor a republican, or perhaps I’m simply deluded and it’s actually true that once one become a Republican they become a perfect being beyond reproach, but I somehow doubt it.

And I’m sure it’s also quite possible there might be posts he made that shows actual bipartisanship, but I happen not to have noticed them.

december a ninny?

Next, you’ll be telling me that the Pope is Catholic!

December has always struck me as one of those people who can reason logically when pressed with the need for it, but who instead swallows a given worldview and the political demagogues that pander to it. Unfortunately, that tendency is not limited to conservatives like December.

Now, if I have the point the moderators made above correctly, in order to call December a cretin out of the Pit, one would have to have medical reports available for cite that support the medical condition of cretinism?

Actually, given December’s Jewish heritage, it would be innacurate to call him a cretin in any event (or forum).

No from one of the other token conservatives.

You started a thread on flag burning. He chimed in with what I would consider a useful and interesting point (that flag burning as an expression of First Amendment rights is too important to trifle with, but other forms of First Amendment speech, as in campaigning for people you support, are apparently disposable).

This causes a Pit thread? You flag-burning pinko hippy leftwing commie subversives offend easily!


Scenario A: Look what I read in the (conservative) press, agreed with, and present to you as the glaring truth!

Scenario B: Look what I read in the (non-conservative) press, disagreed with, and present to you as evidence of Liberal media bias!