Poll--King Kong vs Spiderman

Both are tough, tough fighters.
Both are super-humanly strong.
Both are pretty good at climbing New York City landmarks.

Rules–Spidey does not get a biplane, the Spider-mobile, or any help from other NYC heroes.

Kong gets Mary Jane is his hand, and no help from villains.

Kong wins if he wallops Spidey (dead or KO-ed), or if he can hold on to MJ atop a major NYC skyscraper for 6 hours.

Spidey wins if he Defeats Kong without MJ getting killed, or if can rescue MJ & get the Big Banana out of the Big Apple with minimum property damage.

Spider-man is Peter Parker, Mainstream Marvel Universe.
Kong is the classic, from the B&W film.

Kong starts in Washington Heights, Spidey in Central Park.
O-pine, dear friends.:cool:

Yes this was derived from the Superman/Hulk thing.

Kong is an ape. Spider-Man should be able to outsmart him.

Webs. Spidey has webs.

tangle up Kong’s legs, wait for him to drop MJ while flailing. Catch MJ in a web (avoiding ye olde Gwen Stacy “snap”), insert a snappy wisecrack, and call it a day.

Note–Kong did a lot of heavy lifting–could he be able to break Spider-man’s webs?

I vote Spider-Man. It’s almost a tie - Kong won’t be able to catch Spidey, but Spidey will have a really hard time subduing Kong. What tips the balance in Spidey’s favour is his ability to make a decent plan. And MJ should be easy enough to grab with a web.

Spidey skirmishes with King Kong for a bit with inconclusive results. Then he goes back to his chemistry lab and creates a new widget (like electrified webbing or banana-flavoured webbing or whatever) and then saves the day. Kong escapes to return another day, though.

King Kong would tear through Spiderm’ns webs just like you would the spiderwebs on your front porch. And if King Kong got his timing right, he would smash Spiderm’n like a bug. The only way Spiderm’n has a chance, is if he’s suddenly venemous, and can bite The Mighty Kong’s ankle.

Given this version of Spidey has artificial web shooters, I think he will run out of web fluid before he could tie up Kong completely. Especially given his priority would be to save his girlfriend and other innocents. I think I have to go with Kong…

But he won’t, thanks to Spider-Man having combat precognition; aka his Spider Sense.

Spidey could shoot webbing into Kong’s eyes. He’d have to either let go of MJ or let go of the ESB.

Kong loses because he’s doing the bad guy thing, and Peter is a good guy. Yes, he’ll probably do it by outsmarting him, but the actual how is irrelevant.

Guys, it’s Spiderman…he’s not allowed to be happy for any length of time - the girl dumps him in favor of the ape.

This was exactly what I was going to say. Spidey climbs the ESB, gives Kong a money shot from his webslingers, catches MJ on the way down, and spidey-swings off into the sunset while Kong goes headfirst into some pavement.

Nitpick: It’s Spider-Man, not Spiderman.

I can’t figure out if Spidey freaks out, and makes a giant web for Kong to land in, catches Kong…Kong goes “Frieeeennnd?” and then Kong swims back to Skull Island


Since Spidey has never seemed to give a rats ass about dinosaurs in the Savage Land, would he care about Kong plummeting to his death?

I don’t think spidey has a problem with killing people

It was Spidey killed the Beast.

The webs don’t have to hold him long, just enough to make him lose his balance and/or his grip on MJ. I like the web in the eyes idea. That’s probably the smart move, and Peter is a smart guy.