Spidey Vs Jedi

On a local radio station it came up that Spiderman the movie sold $114M on the first weekend. The highest ever, not that it means much. (since the danged ticket prices jumped 50 cents)
They got to talking about the new Starwars movie comming out the 16th and the conversation turned to who would win in a fight. Spiderman or A Jedi.

What Spiderman has going for him:
(going based off what I saw in the movie and what my friends say)

*Incredible reflexes (dodge bullets type)
*Awesome strength (Lift cars, near superman strength)
*Danger sense bordering on pre-cognition
What A Jedi would have going for him:

*pre-cognition blended reflexes
*Normal human strength
*these are not the droids you are looking for (hee hee)
This is only what I can think of off the top of my head, but here goes.

At first I was thinking spiderman. The reason being his reflexes, his danger sense, and his incredible strength. Mix that in with his genius, and you have a formidable foe.

However, and I could be wrong, but spiderman cannot dodge light. In Phantom menace, the two Jedi’s were deflecting light, something I don’t think even spidermans reflexes could do. To me this means spiderman would quickly end up squished. Mix the pre-cognition of the Jedi’s with Telekenesis, and I don’t think Ol Peter Parker stands a chance.

What do you think?

What do you mean spiderman couldn’t dodge light? You mean he couldn’t evade a lightsaber? Or do you mean that he couldn’t dodge the jedi phasers?

What this light mean??

Ahh, sorry I wasn’t more clear. I mean that if Jedi can be quick enough to deflect light (and theoretically dodge it) they have superior reflexes to spiderman.

I think E’s point is that the Jedi can actually react to the speed of light, e.g. lasers. You will see many scenes in the films of Jedi using their light sabers to deflect laser blasts. Luke does this in Star Wars with the training droid; in The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader blocks Han’s blaster shots with his hands (not explained is what sort of amazing armor he has in the palms of his gloves.) In Return of the Jedi, Luke deflects laser blasts from one of those motorcycle speeder things. In The Phantom Menace, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan deflect many laser blasts with their light sabers.

However, I don’t think that’s substantially different from Spidey’s “spidey sense.” Jedi can’t actually move their arms faster than light; I think the idea is that they use the Force to precognitively sense where the blasts will be before they’re even fired. It’s really no different from Spidey-sense.

I think Spider-Man could probably beat the crap out of your standard Jedi. He’s got many of the same advantages and he’s ridiculously strong.

It seems all things are effectively equal between them save for strength, and so Spidey should ocme out on top of that.

If you ask me, it comes down to webs vs. lightsabers, and even though webs are very strong, I’m not for a moment going to suggest that they can withstand a saber. Spidey ties up the Jedi (his standard tactic), swish, the Jedi is free again. And of course, even when bound, a Jedi is far from helpless. Remember Luke vs. the snow monster?

I don’t think, either, that Spidey Sense is at all comparable to precognitive reflexes. Spidey sense seems to be both more long-term, and more vague: It’ll tell him when there’s any danger within the next few hours or so, but doesn’t let him know what it is, much less what specific actions to take to evade it. Both could be very useful, depending on the situation.

Of course, all of this is moot, if we’re asking about Spidey vs. a Sith (and why would he be fighting a light Jedi, anyway?). There, the good guy-bad guy rule would kick in, and Spider-Man would be guaranteed to win somehow.

Uh, if Jedi can parry a blaster bolt, don’t you think they’ll be able to parry the web or a punch?

“I’ll hit him with a left.”
“On the other hand, I’ll use my right - well, now it’s my ONLY hand…”

First, a nitpick. Spidey is quite strong, but nowhere “near Superman strength.” The biggest strength feat I recall seeing Spidey do was catch a car that had been thrown at him by the Hulk. He was just barely able to do it (he remarked how glad he was that it was a compact car), while the Hulk had thrown it one-armed across the street. Superman would have had no trouble catching or throwing a car, and would probably have little difficulty stopping a thrown battleship.

As far as the matchup of Spidey vs. Sith, a couple points are worth remembering. While the Spider-sense doesn’t tell Spider-Man exactly what the danger is, it tends to inform his reflexes pretty well. He can fairly easily dodge automatic gunfire. This would allow him to match the reflexes of a Jedi-type, IMHO. While people usually equate Star Wars weapons with lasers, they are not. In fact, the blasts in Star Wars actually travel significantly slower than bullets from our own technology, because you can actually see the bolts cross a room. So a Jedi or Sith does not actually dodge light. Of course, neither side in this fight will be using blasters, so it shouldn’t be so important.

Another factor is the setting. It has been shown many times that Spidey needs room to maneuver. While a Sith is also at his best when he can jump about a lot, I think a small room would be less of a problem for him than for the Wall-Crawler.

Spidey has nothing to deflect a light saber (since only another saber or a force shield can do so). Since the reflexes are about equal, the Webspinner is in trouble if the other guy ever gets within a couple of meters of him. But if he can keep his distance, there’s nothing the Sith could do to him. Telekinetic tossing of objects wouldn’t do jack.

I predict a draw.

Spidey Sense = Jedi precognition
Spidey strength = or > Force augmented strength
Wall crawling and web swinging = Force levitation
Spider reflexes < or = Force precognitive reflexes
Webs < Lightsabers

The BIG thing…
Jedi can put the Whammy on Spidey and/or do the Force Choke

Jedi Squishes Spiderman.

I’d give the nod to Spider-Man, but barely.

Dunno about the movie, but in the comics, Spidey can fire his webbing in a ranged formation, to make nets and cover a wide area as the situation requires. Even with a light saber, a Jedi would not be able to deflect all of that, which means there’s a good chance Spidey will be able to ensnare the Jedi. Once that happens, it’s all downhill for the Jedi from there.

this is a dumb topic but to clear up spider-man’s strength, i’m pretty sure peter parker can press 10 tons or more.

To inject yet another major note of geek into this debate: in the old Marvel Super Heroes RPG, Spider-Man’s strength was rated as “Incredible”, meaning that he can probably lift about 10 tons at the extreme, but with difficulty. Superman, whose strength is more on a par with the Hulk, would be in the “Unearthly” range, meaning more than 80 tons is no big deal. The most well-trained human being would have strength in the “Excellent” range, meaning about 800 pounds with difficulty. I think that these stats, even though they’re from a source outside the comics, are right on a par with what you see in the comics.

In any case, I’d have to vote for Spidey. Jedi don’t use blasters, so Spidey wouldn’t have to dodge lasers; even if he did, however, I reckon his spidey sense would keep him safe. He’s dodged lasers in the comics, I see no reason he couldn’t do the same against the Jedi. Again going to the RPG, Spidey’s agility is “Amazing”, meaning “superb sense of balance, able to dodge multiple bullets”. And quite frankly, the blaster fire in Star Wars seems to travel about as fast as a tracer bullet. So, combine the agility with the wall-crawling, and he can stay out of the Jedi’s reach.

So, Spides can toss some webs around, and while the Jedi are distracted, toss out a quick webline and snag their lightsabers. Without their weapons, the Jedi are not the most impressive fighters. As for the “you don’t need to see his identification” and “pushing people over with your mind” abilities: every time we’ve seen these abilities used, the subject was standing flat-footed in front of the Jedi. It would seem that they need to concentrate on a specific place for a few moments in order to pull these stunts off. As a result, I kinda doubt they’d be able to use the Jedi mind tricks on a person springing from floor to wall to ceiling and back again.

Winner: Spider-Man

let the geekery continue.

i played a little bit of the marvel rpg in my day. i also had these dossier things on tons of marvel superheroes and villans. i can’t remember what they were called, but they were pre-hole punched so you could put them in a binder. they came in like packs of 50, alphabetically. i amassed a collection about 2 inches thick.

talk about being a nerd…

and yeah, spidey could whup up on some jedi.

Feh. Put Spider-Man in the same universe as the Jedi and the Force will immediately flow strong within him. (how do I know? it’s my scenario, I’ll do what I want!) Spider-Jedi vs regular Jedi? Please.

This is, without a doubt, the silliest conversation I have ever seen.

I love it! :smiley:

Some more details to consider:
Jedi, when they need to be, can be very fast, as when O-W and Q-G sped away from the droid dekkas like the road runner. But SPidey can be fast all the time, it seems.

I can easily see a Spidey-Light Jedi match-up, as Spidey often tangles with “good duys” because they don’t or can’t understand him.

Once Spidey snags a light sabre or webs their wrists or ankles together, or some such thing, he could easily whup the tar out of’em. Hell, he nearly took out the Hulk, once.

Preview? What means preview?

Oh, and yet another comment on the Spidey strength issue. It’s been established in the comic that he’s capable of (when really cheesed off) lifting a locomotive engine over his head.

Something all "good duys should do! :smiley:

let us consider this from the point of view of enemies:

Spiderman fights opponents who can easily vaporize a city block, punch through solid steel, control people with their mind, or move much faster than he can.

Jedis fight robots and idiots with guns. Pretty nasty robots, but still robots all the same.
Winner by knockout: the wallcrawler.

Exactly right. Also, a big thing about Spidey is that, when properly motivated, he can get a lot stronger. Thinking about his loved ones or innocent bystanders being in danger can push him to rediculous feats of strength. He whupped Firelord (a herald of Galactus on par with the Silver Surfer; a low-level cosmic being) once. That’s saying a lot.

Love the PE quote, BTW.