POLL: Shark or Skull?

easy peasey, right? Wrong!

Shark or Skull? which one is cooler? damn.

Sharks. Because they are in the cold water. Skulls are mostly kinda warm, especially when in soup! :smiley:

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

Ummm…errr… skulls!

Nooo…ahhh… sharks!

Muu…hummmm…ooh that’s a touch one.

I think skulls are slightly ahead due to the whole creepy dead thing.

Mmmmm, Skull soup.

Shark skulls.

shark skulls do not ount, i thought of this already :smiley:

Shark fin soup is de-lish! (I speak truth!)

Yeah yeah, just because they don’t have them. But they should dammit.

Sounds like someone’s thinking of getting a tattoo…

nope not a tatoo :smiley: something cooler :wink:

My dictionary says skulls are “bony or cartiliginous” so I guess they do have them.

Not a tattoo? A pet,mw

Ok, I walked out of the room and my cat hit submit. I am not kidding.

That should be “A pet?”

Either would be a good choice as neither will walk on your computer.

Sharks with lasers on their skulls

Depends on the skull. I use this one as a paperweight.

Damn. I need a shark skull now. Thanks. :smiley:

What is this FOR?


If a pet, the skull will require less feeding. Unless it’s, er, occupied.

The shark would probably be a better conversation peice.

Neither is really a good choice as a floatation device.

It’s not for a pet.

It’s not a paper weight or a floatation device.

Right now apparently it’s a conversation piece, but that doesn’t cover what it is :slight_smile:

Is it a flaming skull? Then the skull for sure. If it is not flaming then probably shark. But it has to be a cool shark. Not one of those whale sharks or those goofy hammerheads.

So here are they are in order from coolest to dorky.

Great White Biting someone in two.
Flaming Skull with snake runing through eye sockets
Great White eating a seal.
Great White with bloody mouth
Flaming Skull with dagger in teeth
Flaming Skull with spork in teeth
Tiger Shark biting a girl in a bikini
Tiger Shark biting some surfer dude.
Tiger Shark biting a teriaki chicken sandwich from Subway
Non flaming skull with snake
Non flaming skull with a built in lighter
Tiger shark with cool battle damage
Hammer head shark
Hammer head shark with glasses