Poll: Sleepwear habits by age

Do you sleep in the buff, in undergarments, or dressed to some degree? Have you always slept that way or did you change at some point?

Me, I have generally slept in pajamas or t-shirt/shorts or some other type of clothing. I always have as long as I can remember.

I ask because my 3.5 year old son has recently decided he wants to sleep in his undies. His room does get terribly warm when the heat runs, so I am not too concerned about it from a health perspective, but it just seems weird to me to see a kid sleep so close to nekkid. His father sleeps in his underwear as well and says he started doing so as a small child. I am not worried about my child being normal. The situation just got me curious - how do people get started sleeping naked? I had previously figured such a thing would get started later in life, if at all.

So, if you sleep nekkid, when did you start? If you don’t naked, feel free to jump in, too. All stories are valued if you care to share. :smiley:

I sleep in me briefs. I have slept naked occasionally, but somehow I always go back to just the undies. Sleeping naked happens most often when … um… somebody stays over. :smiley:

An occasional T-shirt gets thrown on if it is especially cold in the house, rather than go find another blanket or turn up the thermostat.

I started sleeping in undies because as a boy; sleeping in pjs at some point seemed much too warm and uncomfortably bulky. Maybe by age 8 or so, I had rebelled against pjs, though I can’t really remember. I’m 33 now.


Started sleeping nude when I was about 25 or so. Pretty much when I finished college, and no longer had room-mates to worry about. Since then, commando-city.

Currently 14, can’t sleep in any kind of clothing. I always sleep completely nude, when I’m in clothing it itches and bothers me so much, no matter what material, it’s also too hot. My parents tell me I slept in the nude as soon as I could actually, I never did like wearing clothes to bed, but then again it is normally warm here (CA).

Why do you have a problem with a child sleeping naked?

As a kid I slept naked in the summer, and slept in p.js in the winter. Now I sleep naked if I’m with my boyfriend (only a weekend out of every two. Damn long distance relationships), and wear p.js if I’m on my own.

I started sleeping in just my undies when I was about 13. I don’t remember why I started. It was just more comfortable than a night shirt that would normally twist up throughout the night. It just felt very binding.

When I left for collage I started sleeping nude. I didn’t have to worry about parents walking in on me. My roommates knew better.

I sleep nude, started after I moved out of my parents’ house (not when I went away to college - too many late night fire alarms!)

So, I was probably around 22ish. Before that, it was generally shorts and a t-shirt, the same thing I wear now if I’m staying at someone else’s place or someone with whom I don’t share a bed is staying at mine.

I have slept in just my underwear for as long as I can remember. I did get a pair of Star Wars pajamas when I was about 7 but I think I just used them for play clothes. Naked sleeping, once common in the Gaffer household, has become less prevalent now that two little Gaffers enjoy waking the two big ones up.

I sleep in my underwear, and have since I was 8 or so.

I don’t really have a problem with a child sleeping naked. I guess it is feels like a rite of passage or something and it is hard to imagine him being that “grown up”. Same way it will feel weird when I send him off on the school bus for the first time or such. I didn’t mean weird = bad, just different for me.

Great stories. Keep 'em coming, especially your reasons. :slight_smile:

Pajamas until I was 7 or so, then undies. Started sleeping nude when I was in my early 20s. Pajamas are uncomfortable to me when sleeping, they get all twisted around though I do wear flannel pj’s or tshirt & shorts if I’m not sleeping at my house.

My son sleeps in his underwear now, daughter usually in pj’s, and my SO varies from pj’s to nightgowns to shirt/shorts to underwear to nothing.

Today is Naked Tuesday by the way.

Baby bare! I hate the feeling of clothing bunching up or pulling, and I like naked. Pretty simple, actually.

PJ’s until my early teens, then I found them to be too “nerdy”… t-shirt (in the winter) and boxers these days.
I just don’t want to be one of those people who have to run out into the street naked if my apartment burns down.

I sleep as clothed as possible. Jammie pants and tee shirt, sometimes even a sweatshirt, along with socks. I get cold very easily and sleep under blankets even in the summer. When it’s freezing outside, it’d take you five or ten minutes to FIND me under all my wrappings.

Butt nekkid, baby. I slept in jammies until I was out of the dorm hall–living in a high traffic area wasn’t terribly conducive to bedtime nudity. As soon as I was in a house with roommates (as opposed to a dormhall), I shed the jammies. Now, I only wear them if I’m sleeping over at someone’s house.
Bare skin is just ever so much more comfy, to me, particularly cuddled up to Mr. Armadillo. Hate having layers of clothing in the way. It’s nice waking up to skin-to-skin contact.
When I was young, I always slept in jammies or sweats, but started sleeping in my underwear and a t-shirt probaby around age thirteen.

I slept in nightgowns until I was in the second grade. I shared a bunk bed with my older brother which had a removable ladder to reach the top bunk. The ladder didn’t quite reach the floor, maybe a 2.5’ drop, and I usually just jumped from the last rung, rather than turn around and slowly lower myself. One morning, while performing said jump, my nightgown looped around the handholds at the top of the ladder. The ladder created a hole in the bottom half of my night gown, and the momentum from my jump in combination with the snagging of my nightgown, caused me to be immediately spun upside down. So imagine my mom’s surprise (and mine) to find me yelling for her, while hanging upside down from the ladder.

I no longer sleep in a bunkbed, but I still don’t like nightgowns.

From the time I was a teenager until my mid-20s I slept in silk nightgowns. I move a lot in my sleep so they had to be short and either sleeveless or had little sleeves, otherwise I would feel tangled up and trapped. Now I sleep nude and can’t stand to wear anything at all to bed.

I normally wear a night shirt unless it gets really hot in my room or I’m with my boyfriend.

Wintertime I wear a t-shirt rest of the year nekkid. Regular night gowns get all twisted causing me to wake up, remove and fling. And never undies - read eons ago it was bad for you, or actually good for you not to wear them to bed, Japanese did research and everything!