Poll: St. Patricks's day national holiday in Canada: Yay or nay?

Do you believe that we should have a day off for St. Patricks day?(Canada)
Why or why not?
Since alot of my ancestry is of U.K. origin, It would be cool to have a national holiday here in Canada.

No. Canada isn’t Ireland. If we need another holiday, it should be in celebration of something Canadian.

Also, March 17 usually (not this year, though) falls relatively close to Easter. IF you needed another civic holiday, a better month for a holiday would be February.

And St Patrick’s day is the national holiday of Ireland, not the U.K.

Of course we can all do with another day off work, but I don’t think Canada needs to officially celebrate St Patty’s Day with a National Holiday.
Sure, I voted ‘yes’ on the Guinness website…but I just wanted to win the prize.

And due to work and school and such, we generally don’t start celebrating until later in the afternoon, which is probably a good thing. Canadians, generally, can’t hold their green beer long enough to be drinking ALL DAY. :wink:

No, it just doesn’t really mean anything to me. Besides, if you were going to ask for another holiday relating to St Patricks Day, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the day after St Patricks Day off?

If? If? IF? Whassamatta whif’ yew, boah??? :wink:

I personally will take any extra holiday for any reason whatsoever. No problem.

Speak for yourself. Infidel.


I’d take it, of course.

But I’d prefer to celebrate John A. MacDonald’s birthday, in January. It’s such a bleak month.

Ah. I forgot, the UK and Ireland are different countrys. So I have irish and british ancestry.