Poll - Stuffed animals & fires

I had lots of stuffed animals as a kid, and I was very attached to each and every one of them. More than once I would lay awake a night wondering how I could save all of them if the house caught on fire. I finally decided I should keep them all in a plastic garbage bag by my bed so I could grab it up when the smoke detector went off.

I was talking with my brother about this recently and he said he’d had the same worries and had thought about using a garbage bag too. (NOTE: we never actually tried our solution out.)

Are we strange, or is this a universal dilemma faced by other kids with stuffed animals?

I only felt this way (saving in event of fire or earthquake) about my dog (real, live).

Interesting. Fire anxieties usually repersent repressed anger. I had a favorite stuffed animal when I was a kid, and it got so beat up that my Mom tried many times to throw it out (long after I lost interest). Weirdly, I’d always manage to be doing the garbage on that day and rescue it. Shortly thereafter I put it in the custody of my baby sister, who has had it for the better part of two and a half decades. She just carted it off to her new job as a desert park ranger, so I imagine that the coyotes will get it soon. Sniff. :eek:

I used to have this fear concerning a blanket I had as a child but only until I got my first younger sibling. After that I realized there was something more important to worry about in case of fire.