POLL: Which finger is the best?

Which finger is the best for picking your nose?

I suggest it’s the little finger on the left hand.

For stealth - left pinky
Anything else - right index

Thumb and index finger. Experience: picking black snot out of my nose after renfaire every weekend.

I prefer my left index finger. My experience is from years of nosebleeds (thanks, coke).

It all depends on the task on hand.
If you’re just doing some surface clearing or light probing, then the index finger works fine.

If you’re goin’ deep, drillin’ for oil, diggin’ for gold, then the pinkie is the man for the job. It’s smaller and can go deeper with out causing much damage.

Remember, always use the right tool for the job.

And practice, practice, practice. Train hard and some day you’ll be an Olympic champion.
Good Luck!:smiley: