Poo(p)..what's yer preference?

It’s simple, really. All my life, it’s been called poop. With two p’s. That last satisfying “p” on the end of the word is not extraneous, it’s necessary.

Apparently, there are many people who think different. I see lots of references to “poo”.

I think these are the same people who pronounce “greasy” as “greazy”, but I digress.

Do you use the “poo” terminology or the “poop” terminology…or do you use them interchangably?

Yes I have a toddler…why do you ask?

Using the word “poo” is cute. “Poop” meanwhile, is just vulgar.

“Pee” is just neutral slang. “Peep” is silly if used in that context, but yummy if used to describe marshmallow easter candy.

“Pee and Poo”! They just belong together, in a fusion of onomatopoeia.

And I am a trained medical professional.

And a Monty Python geek. Let’s not get too carried away with our high opinions of ourselves.

“Poo” just seems to be a silly attempt to “cutsify” what should be a legitimate term for defication. It just doesn’t seem very satisfying.

poop. The bambina uses poop too

IMO they’re different parts of speech. Poop is a verb, Poo is a noun.

He has to poop, he poops, is pooping, he pooped. The potty is now full of poo/ watch out for dog poo.

Well…sometimes you just have to get the Straight Dope on these things. A quick gander at M-W reveals that poop is recognized both as a noun and as a verb.

No such luck for those hoping for a poo sourcing.

Same thing at dictionary.com, poop is recognized in both noun and verb usage…nada on the poo scene.

This sloppiness should not be allowed to stand! Return the ending p to its rightful glory in poop.

I grew up calling it “poop.” However, I have no poop loyalty.

When I went to college and found that everyone called it “soda” instead of “pop,” I switched from “soda” to “pop” because it was novel and seemed more sophisticated.

Similarly, “poo” sounds more novel to me, and is therefore more hilarious.

If I was referring to actual excrement, or the act of moving one’s bowels, I’d probably revert back to “poop,” but for humorous purposes, it’s definitely “poo.”

I just wanted to be the first to nominate this for the next Sequential Threads thread. When i saw it, it was followed by "So, what do you put IN your burgers?"

I vote for greazy poop.

I’m a crap man myself.

That just doesn’t sound right…

Anything is better than “BM.”

Sometimes I like to annoying parents by describing the contents of their kiddy-poo’s diapers as manure.

I say poo when I’m trying to be funny. Damn, that word is hilarious. ::cracks up::

Poo/Pooh is British English, Poop is just some cutesy Americanism.

Oh, and beagledave, according to Cambridge Dictionaries it is both a verb and a noun.

“Poo” is the usage in Australia too.

I learned poop here at the SDMB. Cecil should be proud.

Poop, there it is!
Poop, there it is!

And then there’s Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. He’s not the Christmas Poop…

And poop’s a palindrome! How quaint!

I am rather of a good bowel movement. It’s better than bad sex.

Oh, pooh!


“rather fond of”




Oh, sorry!




This is a little joke from my youngest son when he was 4 years old.

Testyson: Daddy, Daddy. Do you know why Tigger looked in the potty?

Me: Why, no I don’t. Why Did Tigger look in the potty?

Testyson: HE WAS LOOKING FOR POOH!!! Ha Ha Ha…

So I’ll have to go with poo as far as the OP. Damn, that’s still funny as hell to me even now.

Nope, it’s always been poo. Otherwise we’d run out of p much faster than poo.

I find that I’m not running out of either! And neither is the dog.