Poor me :-(

She doesn’t watch much TV, but I was thinking about trying that with outings…she loves to go to the library & that kind of thing.

I got it…it’s called “Practical Wisdom for Parents - Demystifying the Preschool Years” by Nancy Schulman & Ellen Birnbaum. It was pretty good.

Shodan, my mother said the same thing to me! Maybe you only remember the good stuff. And there is a lot of it…their little smiles & giggles are so sweet, for instance…nothing better than that!

No advice to add. I just wanted to wish you luck and pray that your daughter continues to cooperate. And good job with the cereal before bed to get your son to sleep through the night!

If that is the case, start asking her if she went potty before you go anywhere, and once you get there, ask her if she needs to go potty. I learned after taking the kids to see Pocahontas and having to leave the movie in the middle for a bathroom break that before we go see a movie, we pee. Even now, when the kids are teenagers.

I think you’re almost there, you just need to polish the edges a bit.

I hear you about having a stubborn kid. I’m potty-training my 2 ½ year old now, and I think he’s winning that battle. I trained my oldest in 3 days flat, and this one is taking forever. And the baby is being difficult, cutting teeth and trying to walk and climb at the same time, and we haven’t slept for at least eight months.

I’m told it will get better. My mom said so. She had 4 kids under 5 at one time, and she’s still alive and relatively sane.

The only solution I can think of is to sell your children on ebay – use the cash to by liposuction.

I don’t think children bring that much. Liposuction is pretty expensive, and I doubt I could get more than a couple of bucks for my kids. If I threw in a pack of diapers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you’re right…it just seems to be one step forward, two steps back sometimes!

Hang in there, MissGypsy! At least we know we’re not alone.

I am glad to hear that you had different experiences with different kids. I have never done this potty training thing before, and I have had some very bad self-doubts about whether I know what they hell I’m doing. I was hoping that, at least to some extent, the problem is with the kid and not with me!

Boyo Jim, I like the way you think. Like MissGypsy says, though, I’m not sure how much my kids are worth on the open market. The baby I could maybe get something for…he’s not too much trouble yet. But the 3-year-old, I think I’d have to pay someone to take her right now!

I think you’re wrong. You could get thousands just selling them for parts. And don’t even get me started with kiddie porn… structure the deal right, and you’ll get residuals for life. :wink:

You just defined parenthood. That, plus shit washes off and not all the screams mean bloodshed.

I just read a FANTASTIC potty training tip, of the “Well now why didn’t I think of that?!” variety in Parenting magazine. I just have to share, and this seems like a good place for it:

**Put them in underpants, and then put a diaper on top of it.

No mess, no expensive and hard to change Pull-ups, no “wetness liners”, no muss, no fuss. They get used to the feel of underpants next to their skin while still feeling the familiar bulk and warmth of the diaper. If they stay dry, great! Bonus points and everyone’s happy. If they have an “accident”, it’s confined to one pair of easily washed underwear, not the car seat or the floor or a whole outfit.

Be a parent. It is tough somtimes. Seperate your child, whom you love, from their inappropriate behavior, that you don’t like and match the "crime’ with a recognizable and balanced consquence that fits the “crime”. They will not like you for it , or you at the time because they cannot tell the difference, but you will tell them what they "did’ was not wrong. They will eventually see the seperation. NO you cannot reason with a young child…even if you could, you din’t have time. You were there first. The parent or the parents must be the “centre” of the household, not your children. You are not their friend you are there parent. respect must be taught. You do not become a human being by osmosis… it is a learned skilled that is not solved or does not happen in a half an hour , like on TV.

I am only speaking from experience not from a book or certainily not from wisdom.

P S… you do have the strength!! The rewards from gaining respect as a parent are amazing when you finally help them to “grow up” and they become adults and good parents too!!!

Thank you…I’m going to remember that! :slight_smile:

Wow…I never would have thought of that in a million years. I am going to see if she goes for it (she’s very much in the “I don’t want a diaper” phase. Not a good combination with the “still pees whenever she wants to” phase!)