Poor sick dog.

Poor Captain’s got something wrong with him. (We’re going to the vet at 2:30 - they’re installing a new heating and air unit so I can’t go until I can have somebody worker-sit.) Yesterday he seemed unusually listless - didn’t even get off the couch when I came in to feed him his breakfast, but he did eat it. Last night he didn’t eat half of his dinner and threw up part of what he’d eaten earlier, and this morning he wasn’t interested in his breakfast at all, ate it eventually, and then threw it up. He’s livelier today, actually, and I’d cancel the appointment if he hadn’t thrown up breakfast. (Didn’t even try to re-eat it, so you know he’s not interested.) No unusual stools, although he hasn’t pooped since yesterday morning (not unusual for him.)

I’m just concerned mostly because he has a bad habit of finding plastic things to eat. We keep them away from him, but he’s crafty about it. His belly feels normal, and he doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything - just has no energy, yesterday didn’t even respond to the w-a-l-k word, etc. And he does seem a lot better today. Still - vet at 2:30. I was up all night worrying about him. :frowning:

Winston has that habit. I take things away from him all the time. he eats plastic, pens, pencils and anything he can find. He chewed up a plastic cap for the aquarium filter while I was cleaning the rest of it.
Hope your puppy is OK.

Also hoping for good things for your pup.

Yeah, thanks about that plastic cap, gonzomax. Winston also got some other plastic tube that *seems *superfluous. I still can’t get the damned thing up and running.

Poor baby. I am glad he seems to be feeling a bit better today, I hope the vet figures it out and takes care of the rest soon.

Captain also eats paper napkins. He’ll eat them even if they’ve never touched a molecule of food. He sidles up to them and snarfles them down when you’re not looking.

Here’s hoping it is nothing serious.

Sick pets are always nerve wracking! If he doesn’t have stomach swelling or tenderness it’s probably not too serious (rupture). Maybe he just has a blockage, or a bug. Let us know!

I had a similar scare with my cat who eats everything but he was fine in a day and half on antibiotics.

My sympathies to you and your dog. Hope you have a good outcome.

Hope by the time you post again, you’ll be back letting us know that all is well. Give Captain some dog hugs from me!

Hugs for your doggie. I hate it when my guys get sick. I hope it’s nothing too serious.

Well, the vet decided that since he’s a little livelier today we should just medicate for the vomiting, fast him for 24 hours, and start him back gently with some bland food for his tummy. He’s assuming that he ate something he shouldn’t have, and couldn’t palpate any blockages or anything. However, if he keeps throwing up he’s back at the vet.

He thought it’s a slim possibility that it might actually be a hairball - Captain’s a nervous dude and chews his fur off all the time. We’re going back to the vet in a week assuming all is well to talk about that.

Here’s hoping he’s indeed better and it’s nothing serious. Captain deserves a great life!

Simone throws up every once in a while, we don’t know why. Sometimes it seems regular, sometimes it seems like a long time passes. Curiously, she hasn’t thrown up at all since the big snows started Feb 6th – that’s 10 days now. One variable is that I’ve been home all that time.

When she listens to her paranoid fantasies, my wife worries that means someone has been entering our condo when I am not home and poisoning Simone. I think it’s more likely that Simone has separation anxiety when I’m not around and it’s “in remission” while I’m snowbound.

Oooh, he was MAD this morning when the kitties got fed and he got nothin’.

He keeps peeing like a firehose, though - I hope it’s just that he’s drinking a lot because he’s hungry or because his tummy was upset. The anti-emetics have really perked him up a lot, though.

I’m glad to hear Captain is doing better. Sick puppies are always distressing. My pup had pancreatitis and was sick as, ummm, a dog for three days. He didn’t eat anything and just layed around looking pathetic. I think it was more distressing for me that it was for him!

Glad to hear he seems to be getting better!

Sydney, my bulldog, threw up off and on all day on Sunday the 6th. I took her in on the 7th. The vet gave her IV fluids, an anti nausea shot, 4 days worth of anti nausea pills and had me put her on chicken and rice for a week.

She’s been doing fine pretty much since the IV and shot and there haven’t been any return symptoms. Here’s hoping Captain makes every bit as easy a recovery.

So it has been a few days - how’s the pup?

Much better, thanks. He seems to be entirely back to his old self, which is a huge relief. (It was a year ago almost to the day that I had to have Haplo put down.)

Glad he’s better - the last time one of my beasts had those symptoms, he had to have a piece of a toy removed from his intestines. Not fun for anyone!