Poorly-conceived advertising slogans revisited.


What? All you got is a tautology? Really?

Ten out of ten coprophagists are keen on poop, but in no way does that inspire me to expand my gastronomic horizons in that direction.

Also, one from twenty years ago, when the Egg Council was pushing “The Incredible, Edible Egg.”

“You eat those? Out of a hen’s cloaca? I don’t believe it!”

What else?

Whoops, I could have sworn I was over in MPSIMS. Sorry.

SEPTA, Philadelphia’s public transportation company’s, slogan: “We’re Getting There.”

Mine’s the Dwyane Wade “Fall Down Seven Times, Get Up Eight” campaign for Converse. I mean seriously, no one in the ad department could do the math here and figure out the flaw? Stupid stupid stupid.

I still marvel at the poster which appeared over the gas pumps at a local 7-11. It featured several pictures of attractive African-American women, alongside the caption:“Fresh brownies are here! Enjoy one today!”

I present to you…

I’d hit it.

There is also a real estate company here called L. J. Hooker. Their slogan is “Nobody does it better.” I used to think this was funny until I realised that with a name like L. J. Hooker, they were screwed from the start.