Pop Song - DNCE, Cake by the Ocean

Have you heard this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vWaRiD5ym74

Band with one of the old Disney Jonas Brothers as the vocalist, a solid rhythm section and a girl Korean guitarist who plays solid Nile Rodgers dance-funk chanky riffs.

It’s a nice piece of dancey-pop confection that still feels like a band made it. On the “Uptown Funk” or “Get Lucky” scale, it is a couple of notches lower, but fun. I suspect that if Snowboarder Bo ventures into this thread, he will hate this song :wink:

Apparently the title is a reference to something one of the (I believe) Swedish producers said. They were trying to describe a drink to get a girl and confused Cake by the Ocean with a Sex on the Beach. Kinda funny.

Heard it at random in the car when my daughter had radio control and it caught my attention.

I find it pretty enjoyable as well. I will probably forget about it by a couple years from now, but for now it keeps things lively.