I have recently (ie, the past day) been getting pop ups when I open www.straightdope.com.

Is this a new revenue-gaining venture on the part of the Reader?

I’ve got no pop-up killers installed, and I don’t see anything. It may be a parting gift from a site that you’re leaving. Where are you coming from? Alternately, you could have some nasty spyware–do a search on AdAware, download it, and run it.

I’m not getting any popups, either.

Nor I, at work. (Pop-ups aren’t an issue in any case with Opera, which I use at home.)

Go download Ad-Aware. It sounds like your system’s infected with some strain or other of scumware.

We have no popups installed. We haven’t and I don’t think we will.

Since it’s our own in-hour banner ads we’re not even running with DoubleClick right now, so what’s happening with you is not a product of anything involving this site.

Drastic gave some good advice, it’s not a bad thing to do, period. You’ll be amazed – and enraged – at what the ad guys have done.

your humble TubaDiva

Well, thanks a lot for your advice, guys! I had over 100 components of spyware on my computer.

Make sure you are using Lavasoft’s Refupdate. This will update Ad-Aware. The last update found the remnants of the bd3 projector that comes with Kazaa, and removed all of it. Here is the link

Corrected link: