Popping my posting cherry!!!

heh… I’ve been a lurker for god knows how long… long enough to be so addicted that during that whole board debacle a month or two ago I felt lost and without a home…

anyways, i spent the last hour attempting to find somewhere i could make my first post, i wanted something to make a nice entrance with.

I almost posted in the thread about men, erections, and nudist camps… then i realized how ackward trying to come up with something witty in a post about boners in a nudist colony, without sounding childish and stupid really can be…

“the heck with jared” seemed like a good place to begin my career as a true doper, and we all know how fun yelling “SCREW JARED” can be… but then i realized that i have absolutely no idea who this Jared character is, and in good faith, I can’t say “SCREW JARED!!!” without actually knowing Jared…

I didn’t even want to look at “My Mighty Wang and Balls Of Power!” …the thought of what a thread with that title contained just plain frightened me.

It was about this time that the board began to slow down to a slow crawl. After noticing the lack of any worthwhile threads to make a spectacular entrance in, i got the idea to start my own. The result of which you have just read through.

I leave u with a row of happy orthodox jewish men :cool:
;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j ;j

Hey. Welcome to the boards as an Official Poster TM!

Tell us about your name (it sounds like it could be some wordplay, but I’m too tired to figure it out).

Oh, and you’re supposed to offer us alcohol, food, flirting and nudity in your first thread.

I’ll go slip into something more confortable while you figure out the refreshments…

Ooo, nudity? I’m so lacking in that sort of entertainment these days… how exciting!

(Oh, yeah, and welcome to the boards! :))

From reading the The heck with Jared! thread, it appears as if they’re talking about Jared Fogle, the guy who appeared in tons of Subway™ ads after purportedly losing over 200 pounds by eating Subway™ sandwiches.

Welcome to the boards, Copperwheatus!

Duplicate thread. See the other copy: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=112059