Porsting while dunk...

or dosting while prunk? Dorsting if your punk?

Waht happens next?

Just a test…

you get…you get…ha…you…YOU…yes youuu…will get yourshelf pith…pishted…heh…in the phit

If it was in the olden days, or if you were an established, well-respected poster, your post might go down as legendary, or would at least be noteworthy. As it is, this drunken babble will likely be locked and forgotten.

I do it all the time. Ten SPOOFE points to anyone that can figure out which posts are drunk and which ones are sober!

Oh dont be such a schpoilsport neuroperson. and why are you up sho late anywaysh.

Thanks to all who’ve replied thus far.
I’m looking for the mean. I hope you’ve already provided the low.

It’ll get meaner, too.

One ingredient for successful drunken posts is that they’re drunken posts about something. Post drunkenly about love, or politics, or the history of the noodle as metaphor for the rise of the military-industrial complex. “Hello, I’m drunk,” is a less interesting philosophy than it might seem to those who espouse it.

You mean you’ve posted sober before?

Yeah, “I’m Drunk” threads seem like they’re a dime a dozen. They’re probably not really all that frequent, but they’re not infrequent enough that they’re anything special. Like The King of Soup said, they should be about something, not just babbling on about nonsense.

Take Homer’s mushroom thread and Bruce_Daddy’s marathon thread as examples of what a good drunk thread should be.

Yes, well, no. Actually, the examples you provided are good examples of posts that started with nothing and still turned out to be pretty entertaining. Not every poster can expect to be carried that far, though.

I’m all for anyone who wants to try, though. And please accept my best wishes and respects, Casey1505.

Sorry, J. Me, for coming off as too harsh, all I really meant is what Casey1505 said - generally, nothing much happens. I’m sure I would have phrased things more diplomatically if I hadn’t been drunk. :cool: