PortGear USBnet network w/ WIN-XP not working

Back in the days of WIN95 I bought an Entrega USBNet USB to USB network device and I like to take it with my laptop. Entrega was bought by some other outfit and the USBnet device was renamed Netgear but it is the same thing. When I switched to WIN98 it did not work any more but I found a patch which made it work again. IIRC it replaces three DLLs. So in any WIN98 machine I run the installation and then the patch and it works.

Now I am trying to install the device in a WINXP machine and it totally refuses to install and I cannot find updated drivers online as it is a discontinued product.

Any ideas?

What would be the difference? I believe all it does is copy very few DLLs and make a few registry entries. It has to be really simple to make any changes.

USBNet was originally made by Entrega. Entrega was bought by Xircom who renamed the product Portgear. It seems Xircom was bought by Intel who in this page say:

Is there any hope? It cannot be very difficult to adapt the drivers or even write new ones. Where could I find them?

The installation process says some entry is missing in the INF file because it was written for WIN 9X. Maybe it is a matter of adding whatever entry is needed.

Can a kind moderator change the erroneous “USBNet-Netgear” in the title to the correct “PortGear USBnet”?

There are no kind moderators available at the moment, so I did it myself.