Portland Dopers Have Been Bogarting Bacon!

It’s not listed on the website, but I’ve been informed that Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, Oregon, has a bacon doughnut! Why have our Portland Dopers not informed the rest of us of this fact? Is it not a violation of the UN Treaty on Human Rights to deny others bacony goodness? What possible reason could they have for keeping this information secret, I ask you. Sure, most of us will never travel to Portland to partake of the bacony doughnuty goodness to be had there, but they could have gone, sampled this most holy of doughnuts, and described it to us, so that those of us with cooking skills could attempt to replicate the bacony delight in our own homes.

Clearly, this kind of behaviour cannot go unpunished. What say you, my bacon loving brothers and sisters?

Go to the link, and click on ‘Our Menu’.
The 3rd picture down, on the left side, seems to have some sort of doughnut with bacon slices on top!

We just don’t want all of you moving to Portland.

It’s the Maple Bacon Bar.
Thinking about it, I can see how it would be good.
And Anthony Bourdain apparently really really liked it. :smiley:

Where’s the beef?

Heh. “Most holy” donut.