Portland minifest--who wants a drink?

So I’ve been Dope-AWOL for long enough it never really occurred to me that I live in Portland now. And, um, have for six years. And there are Dopers here.

So, let’s get a beer. How’s next week look for y’all?

Czarcasm suggests the Horse Brass, which I confess I’ve never been to, so that’s good for me. I’d also love to hit the Lovecraft on general principles. My local is the T Room, and I love the Teardrop, so I’m good for the entire gamut from dive to Portlandia fodder.

I have the first round.

Who’s in?


I’m in-I’ll buy the scotch eggs.

The one in Oregon, right?

There’s another? :slight_smile:

Yes, that’s the one. Sorry.

Which one are you closest to?

Sure, why not meet internet strangers? I’ll be free later in the week next week, and I love the Horse Brass.

The other one. But I’ve been to the Oregon one many times. Nice town, great bookstore.

I may be able to make it, but first I need to know if I’ve ever told any of you to go fuck yourselves.

You could start now :slight_smile:

I have an aversion to being punched in the face on first acquaintance.

Shoot. My wife and I have gone to a few Portland Dopefests in the past but she won’t be able to go to another one for at least a few months. If you guys have a date I may go.

I think the last one we went to was in a park. My wife’s saying she thinks it was in Centralia Washington.

Anyway, I’ll be watching this thread.

Dang, my timing’s all wrong. Just visited my Mom down near Salem 2 weeks ago, but it’s a bit of a drive for we lucky few who live in the Way Far Upper Left Coast™.

The good ol’ Horse Brass - that sure takes me back. Where else are you gonna’ get Theakston’s Old Peculiar?

Would a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon be alright? I get off work at 3pm on Friday and Saturday.

Friday would work best for me.

I’m posting partly just to bookmark the thread (I’m in Ashland, not Portland, but I make it up to the rainy north occasionally) but also to comment that I had no idea that there’s a Lovecraft bar in Portland. That’s just wonderful. I like how their website describes their location as “sunny Portland, OR.”

Hell, I can walk to the Horse Brass. Or rather, I can walk home from the Horse Brass.

If you’re drinking Fred From The Wood, we’ll just carry you home.

Hell, compared to Innsmouth we’re positively Sunbelt. :slight_smile:
I’m pretty sure Chefguy’s ever told me to go fuck myself.
Weekends are fine for me. Should we shoot for the 23rd or 24th? Chef, can you swing fridays or saturdays?

Either one, most likely. It’s the big plus of being retired.

If its the 23rd, I can be there by 6:30. If it’s the 24th, I can be there by 3:30.