POSERS, explain yourselves!

What exactly is a poser, you ask? In my opinion it is somebody who wants to portray a certain image, yet has no idea what the fuck they are doing.

Granted, everybody has a right to buy and wear anything their little hearts and brains desire, but don’t you think you should have at least a little knowledge of what you are advertising?
(which is what you are doing when you wear a band’s t-shirt, or a shirt with a comic book character on it)

In junior high almost EVERYBODY would try to make fun of me for wearing Batman shirts (na na na na na na na na batman!), then after the movie came out these same buttplugs were engaged in full on batmania! (just an example, amd probably a bad one)

please tell me what your idea of a poser is, and your experiences with such people, or why this is a non-issue. I am NOT referring to certain people thinking they own something just because the have been a fan longer. That is an entirely different subject.:cool: