Possible terrorism arrest in Detroit.

Link to story. On Tuesday, at our very own Detroit Metro Airport, police arrested a guy named Sisayehiticha Dinssa. He had $78,000 in cash on him, plus a laptop containing info about nuclear weapons and cyanide. He was coming home from a trip to Nigeria, and was headed to Pheonix.

All I can say is, yikes! It sounds like this guy was on a supply run for a terrorist cell, or something like that.

Hm. I did not hear about this. Doesn’t say if he was going to go international with the goods after Phoenix, though.

Also, what exactly are “mysterious files”? Isn’t that a bit of breadth to be giving?

We’ll definitely be hearing more of this in the coming weeks, that’s for sure.

Also…“possible terrorist”? I don’t know. It’s pretty grimy stuff, and it looks like he’s got something to hide, but I’m certainly not putting a “TERRORIST!” label on him yet.

There was an update in the newspaper yesterday, with more information.

This is getting wierd.

Mr. Dinssa (an unemployed immigrant from Ethiopia) attracted attention after a drug-sniffing dog “hit” on him. He declared that he has $10,000 in cash on him, but he really had almost $79,000. His laptop contained “e-mails pertaining to child pornography, nuclear power and committing suicide with cyanide.” And top top it all off, he had a handwritten note saying “This community is angry. Something is going to happen. We’re going to seek justice. This is a powder keg waiting to go off.”

Jesus Christ! Drugs, kiddie porn, vaugely terrorisitic writing; did this guy ever see an evil deed he didn’t like? Wierd stuff.

Wow, that’s an awful lot of different suspicious things. I don’t suppose he’s a journalist?

Heh. You know, even kiddie porn needs hard-hitting journalists investigating it.

Isn’t that Michael Jackson’s defense?

Obviously he is the son of that Nigerian crown prince that has been sending everyone emails. He was probably just on his way to deliver the money to your bank account as promised.

Good point. I’m glad someone brings up my rightful Nigerian heritage!

Soon, that prince will come here and give my my scepter, my crown, and allllll that loot…and I will run a country!
…or it coulda just been spam…

Hmmm…no bail.


There’s a suprise. :dubious:

What’s with the arithmetic?

The article linked says he declared 18,000…you say 10,000. The headline says 78,000 total, but the body of the article says 18,000 declared plus an additional 59,000…that’s 77,000, not 78,000. Did we collectively lose the ability to count?


You’re forgetting local enforcement’s commission.

I think the figures of $18,000 declared, plus $60,900 extra, are correct. I knew I should have saved that newspaper :smack:

The magistrate was going to release this guy on a $20,000 bond, but a federal judge basically said, “What the fuck are you smoking? No way is this guy getting out on bail,” and overruled the magistrate. To his credit, the magistrate also ordered Dinssa to undergo a mental health screening.

I wonder whether Dinnsa would have been able to drop some of his massive wad of cash on the judge’s desk to pay the bond.

Drug sniffing dogs like kiddie porn?

Who knew?

**I’ll never look at a beagle the same way again.[/size]