Possibly hopeless ID request for old PBS show

I’m taking a shot in the dark here because I haven’t had any luck identifying this show, probably because my memories of it are so vague.

Sometime in the 80s, or possibly the early 90s, I saw a show on PBS. All I can remember is that it was, for lack of a more descriptive term, a Native American “opera”. I know it was a live performance of Native American dances and music which told a story, possibly of a young man’s discovery of his heritage. Unfortunately I can’t remember anything more specific about it, which is why I’m having trouble identifying it. I’m certain that the author and performers were Native Americans, because I seem to recall that the broadcast included background on the piece.

If anyone has any ideas on where else I can search for further info on this, I’d appreciate it. I’d love to find out that it’s available on DVD, although I’m not very hopeful considering its age and probable obscurity.

My first thought was the Ramona Pageant. But that’s an outdoor thing, and might not be known outside of Southern California – or maybe even San Diego County.

I googled a little yesterday, and the only thing that popped right out at me turned out to have been made in 2006. (But my search was not really in-depth.)


Unrelated, I know, but years ago I wrote a “fan letter” to a guy on NPR who did a program called (IIRC) “Music Through The Night” (“classical”), and he wrote me back.

That gave me the idea that those folks are VERY “approachable” for things like this.

Good luck, my friend!


I had tried Googling, but my only available search terms were so vague as to be totally useless. I know that it was a filmed performance of a stage show, and I seem to remember the broadcast included an interview with the writer, but of course I can’t remember his name.

I figured this was a long shot. A friend had gotten several CDs by Brulé’; while we were talking about the music I remembered seeing this, and when I mentioned it she remembered it too.

Was it Coyote Tales?