Post #500!!! It only took (ulp!) nearly six years!

I didn’t want to blow my 500th post on saying “yup” in response to something, so here goes.

Since May 1999 when I joined this board:[ul]
[li]my dad died[/li][li]we celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary[/li][li]I watched a shitload of my tech stock money go bye-bye[/li][li]The Twin Towers fell[/li][li]I discovered relatives on two other continents[/li][li]we lost our unborn child[/li][li]we survived Y2K and HIPAA[/li][li]my old high school won five state football championships in a row, making a football fan out of my daughter[/li][li]our son was born[/li][li]I took my mom to England (Thanks for your help London dopers!)[/li][li]we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary[/li][li]I discovered Mike Keneally and, through him, that Zappa’s musical spirit lives on[/li][li]I changed job titles several times, but kept the same job (a record)[/li]
But some things stayed the same:[ul]
[li]Robert Fripp kept an online diary the entire time[/li][li]I didn’t change addresses (previous record: 3 years)[/li][li]none of my hair grew back[/li][li]Cleveland didn’t go to the Super Bowl[/li][li]The SBMD remained a haven for the interesting, intelligent and mostly sane[/li][li]I’ve had the same sig line the entire time (perhaps time for a new one?)[/li][/ul]

How much has changed for you since 1999?

The SDMB made a rule against post count party threads. :wink:

You might want to email a mod and ask to have the thread title changed. They don’t allow post-count parties, but a “How have things changed for you in the past six years?” thread would be interesting.

I like your sig line the way it is.

Maybe a “Hey, fellow '99’ers” kinda thang and get it put in IMHO?

Before they take it away from you, tpayne, I just wanted to say your OP was perfect. :slight_smile: I’ve been watching my numbers tick by, too, though I’ve been nearly twice as prolific in four years…that’s still nothing in comparison to the folks who’ve been around all of six minutes and have a thousand or more posts.

500 posts over 6 years. Impressive. That’s a staggering 0.24 posts a day! Congrats.


As I was 14/15 in 1999, quite a lot!

Everything… I’ve quit school, worked, gone back to school, worked as part of my course. A five-year relationship has ended, another relationship has started and then ended three years later. I’ve moved house three times. I’ve lived with six different people (three at the same time and the other three one at a time), if you don’t count my two roommates during my six weeks in Russia.

I’ve suffered from depression, a serious throat infection, bowel problems and testicular pain. I’ve stopped eating most kinds of meat for health reasons, then for moral reasons. I’ve lost weight, gained weight and lost weight. I’ve gone to a swinger’s club. I’ve become a Magic the Gathering judge and travelled to several countries to play and judge.

I’ve lost contact with several people and made many new friends. I’ve learned to appreciate many dishes I used to dislike, such as the pickled herring we Swedes eat at midsummer and Christmas. I’ve become a feminist. I have changed opinions on a wide variety of topics and become a strong atheist instead of a wishy-washy agnostic.

I’ve learned to drink wine with dinner, which I never used to do. I’ve learned to drink vodka and whisky. I’ve become a decent poker player. I’ve become a long distance runner, and am in the process of ceasing to be one, to my great sorrow.

There’s so much more. Jeez. I never thought about this stuff before.

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