Post-BRexit fallout and happenings

Now that the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union, I thought a thread for discussion about possible & actual fallout, results, related happenings, etc. might be cool.

Myself, I’m not sure what’s going to happen to the UK but I don’t think the near term is going to be comfortable for them.

I don’t think this signals the end of the EU necessarily but I do think the remaining members need to recognize that they have to get their act together and make being member an obviously & overwhelmingly good thing; apparently they haven’t been doing such a great job of that, at least in the UK.

So: what’s next?

Another Scottish independence referendum?

Looking at the voting maps, Scotland voted *overwhelmingly *in favor of remaining in the EU.

I actually think the countries of the UK will realize how valuable each other is. Also, relations with America and especially Israel will improve, since the EU somewhat hoped to be a rival to America, and the EU is extremely hostile towards Israel, not to mention the Muslim immigrants who pour into Britain because of the EU’s idiotic immigration policies.

That imo won’t happen until oil makes a real and sustained comeback in price.

The pound is already taking a beating.

London will lose a bunch of international firms. Chinese investment will end.

Most imports to Britain will cost a lot more.

A big issue in the Scottish independence vote was that the UK would remain in the EU, and the original vote was about 55%-45%. The UK Leave vote could quite easily swing the Scots vote by 5%.

I just read that the value of the pound has already dropped ten percent.

Around 13%, actually.

It will be good for Britain.

All the doomsday predictions from politicians about economic disaster will prove to be false. There may be a short-term contraction, but in the long run the country will benefit from shaking loose from Brussels and the mountain of regulations that the EU has imposed. Less economic regulation means more growth. I predict that over the next 5 years, Britain’s economy will grow faster than the EU’s.

On the downside, barriers to travel and trade will go back up. Hopefully some compromise can be found to keep the effects of that relatively small.

On the third hand, Britain is now free to look elsewhere. Cameron and Obama should get together and announce that they’ll be drafting the English-speaking Free Trade Agreement.

Is George Osborne out on his ass? This is pretty much a slap in the face to both Cameron and Corbyn, right? Any chance of a Liberal Democrat/UKIP coalition?

Market knee-jerk reaction. Who’d have thought

That was called the TTIP and Brexit supporters were against it. What makes you think that the US is going to offer England / Wales a better deal that that?

At this point, would it be in Greece’s interest to follow in Britain’s footsteps or not?

My thoughts exactly, Scotland will vote for independence and go at it alone. So the breakup of the United Kingdom, which means a smaller country, smaller economy. Not saying Britain will go down the drain economically, UT these will most likely be the results. I don’t think the EU is over or that his will be trend.

As for Prime Minister David Cameron, I can’t see how he can continue his mandate until 2020. He has placed his reputation on the line, took a gamble and promised and capitulated on holding an EU referendum, and lost.

And if the Scottish independence becomes a reality, then his legacy will be destroying the UK indirectly.

Cameron should never had pro,is ed to hold a vote on Britain’s EU membership-terrible move by him.

Because we believe in Donald Trump’s commitment to the well-being of the UK.

The fact you have already broken-up the UK suggests you are not exactly making your point in good faith. Your arguments therefore are not worth taking too seriously.

We(the U.S) will not join in any fantasy union with the U.K , President Obama was right to point out that Britain will stand at the back of the line and not expect any immediate happenings with the U.S. he got lots of flake for that and insulted for his Kenyan background(by the racist Leave campaign), but he was telling the truh.

Also Muslim immigration could stymied without leaving EU but the Leave campaign pondered and played on people’s fears. We are already close allies but there will be no union or any special thing with the U.K, that is just fantasy and fiction. Being friends with Israel will do diddly squat for Britain.

One thing is clear that Germany will remain the top economic dog of Europe and outshine Britain.

It’s going to be a long and messy divorce. What are the odds that it doesn’t happen after all? Couldn’t Parliament decide differently, after a year or so and after the dust settles?

Indeed. First things first. Obama is fighting really hard to get the TPP through Congress. And then there is the TTIP coming after that (to be taken up by the next President). However, there appears to be a wave of economic isolationism rising in the US, with anti-free trade rhetoric by Trump and Sanders rising to the fore. It could be a while. Though, then again, the UK does have to negotiate its Brexit, so they may not be in a position to negotiate any separate trade deals quite yet.

Obama can’t handle the fact a handful of Brits could take over Kenya. He’s always been ashamed about that fact.:frowning: He will seek revenge against the UK as one of his last acts as President but he can’t change history.

Setting the threshold at 60% would have done the trick.