Post-BRexit fallout and happenings

Actually just trade; the UK was never part of the Schengen Agreement (separate from the EU), so you always had to go through customs, etc… whenever going to or from the UK, even to other EU nations.

That’s one of the things some people don’t realize- what they think of as “the EU” is a little bit smaller than what they think- the Eurozone and the Schengen Agreement are largely contiguous with, but separate from the EU, and the UK was never part of either.

It is a sad day for Europe and I hope the English (it is the English and not the other British mostly) become more sober and have another reflection. Without them the EU does not have a good and strong voice for the liberalism which is sad.

Eh voila, it is about Fear of the Muslims, and the Fetish of Israel and the Shining America…

Very strange the world view behind this, very strange.

No everything happening in the world must indeed tie back to the Angelic USA + the Israel-USA + theEvil Muslim Hordes + the Communist promotion of the transgenderism that is so scary etc.

This is an ignorant fantasy that requires not knowing anything practical of how the trade zone works and the mistake it is the EU regulations not the domestic. The British will still face, as do the Norwegians and the Swiss and all others of the Economic Area the EU regulations, except they will not fight for a liberal approach.

it is hard to believe this is a serious comment… provocateur is a synonym perhaps.

Cite for this fantasy?

Why did not Cameron put a condition of some large percent and/or that all the Regions or the components of the UK must vote also in favor? It seems to me a kind of stupidity after the narrowness of the Scottish referendum to not to have made clear conditions of a full consensus among the parts of the UK!

Call me “someone”. :slight_smile:

Can you, or another Brit, explain to us ignorant colonials how this all works? Does parliament have to go along with this referendum, and what if conditions change between now and next year? Could there be another referendum?

What if Parliament voted to stay in? The ruling party might risk being thrown out, but if there is another general election, there will be all sorts of other issues that come into play.

I suspect he was trying to avoid looking like he was gaming the system and was confident that Scotland and London would have enough weight to carry it.

Just like Kansas, right?

This vote ought to encourage all the sane folks who don’t want President Trump to take the trouble to vote next November. Even if they hoped to vote for Bernie…

Then he seems to deserve the scorn that is being heaped on him… what a stupid thing to do after the close call with the Scottish referendum and the history of the opinion polls with strong differences regionally about the EU… Very stupid risk to take. It is very hard to understand.

His name is his cite.

Even if I think also that the levels of doom are exagerated I still think that ITR champion is naively thinking that everything will be fine and the promises of the ones supporting the leave campaign will be fulfilled.

When Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, tells you that he never promised that all the money given as contribution to the EU would go to the British Health care when the propaganda did told the British that that was the case if Leave succeeded; it points to a lot of the promises that UKIP and others made to get the Leave vote to be pie in the sky, and unlikely to become reality.

I hope so … the lazy assumptions of the youth who now are betrayed should be a lesson.

funny, but of course his extremist ideological comment magazine in its analysis did not even understand the framework of the trade zones…


What are the long-run possibilities? The conventional wisdom is that this cannot be reversed but is that really true? The young voted strongly for remain and over a period of time the older leave voters will pass away so isn’t it possible that Britain will return to the EU in say 15 years especially if the latter has got its economic act together again?

Once more, since Magna Carta times, the British have overthrown their overlords.

Things will be fine, today it is all hysteria by those who have no idea of what the future brings.

Cit for that, as a general law of economics?

Agreed, similar points were made in this related thread here:


The real process begins with the government of the United Kingdom invoking formally with Brussels the Article 50. It is not automatic and I read that the voting under the UK law was not legally binding on the government. So there are steps still.

They would only have to persuade the Green Party to back them. SNP + Greens is an overall majority.

Indeed it is. The scotts may separate, join the Euro, as Sweden and others start to domino out of it.
Light the fuse and explode