Post-BRexit fallout and happenings

The amount of money lost on the British stock markets today alone is the equivalent of 24 years of EU payments. #Winning

Not at all. I am not English or a UK citizen. I recognize stupidity however.

It is weird how the extreme right among the Americans make everything about Israel and supposed anti semetism… A weird and disturbing obsession.

it reminds me of the closeted gays who are so strident against the gays.

Well I’ve read up on what they do and the one glaring omission appears to be law-making powers.

It is means of policing agreements and settling disputes but you have to admit that it is fundamentally a different beast to the EU. The agreements reached by the WTO (and all the other organisations) may well influence the laws passed by the sovereign countries involved but they are not a power higher than the national executive themselves.

The EU is fundamentally different.

And always under the assurance that none of those individual treaties changed the nature of the EU or the UK relationship with it. Which is curious because thought nothing ever materially changed we somehow found ourselves in a very different place to where we started. Moreover, it was a place that we were told we weren’t visiting and didn’t even exist. Oh, and by the way if you don’t like it you can fucking walk back on your own.
Classic frog-boiling.

Well, and the Norwegians and the Swiss can at least console themselves with their enormous wealth. The British don’t quite have the same cushion.

A tax rate increase (easily reversible) is a different beast from ceding executive powers to another organisation (which cannot be easily rolled back, if at all). If you can’t admit that then there is little point debating.

Scotland, quite rightly decided that being in control of your own destiny was preferable to having legislation imposed from on high. I’m betting you think they are right to want that, but that the UK shouldn’t seek to do the same?

Errr, WTO has a tonne of rules it has made, andpractice directions on a whole host of topics.

As for the rest the UK stayed out of two of the most fundamental integration initiatives the Single Currency and the Schengen Area.

You are simply wrong. By even making this argument you are assuming that the supremacy of the EU over the UK is a done deal, a fait accompli, that there is never any point at which the UK existed as an entity by itself.
There is nothing wrong with creating additional levels of government above (the EU) or below (mayors, councils etc) as long as those structures are agreed to by the electorate and not imposed. The EU in its current form was never put the UK electorate.

62 : 38

Roosevelt was considered to achieve a landslide victory with 61% of the vote compared to Landon’s 37%

Thatcher’s victory of 83 was considered a landslide, with just 42% of the vote.

So just what point do you think you’re making?

a tonne of what?

I’m a Scots Unionist.

The whole point of this referendum result is that we will be rolling back the powers we ceded to the EU. It seems a little odd to vote to reclaim powers because you think you are unable to reclaim powers. As it turns out we have been able to reclaim them all along.

This is really a Great Debate about British/European future and the election has already passed.

Moving to Great Debates.

This sort of bullshit threadshitting is just a nudge away from trolling.

Knock it off.

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I’m not the betting type.

Brussels and the pro-EU mainstream politicians have up to this point given every indication that they think they just pile abuse on their populations, without worrying that the voters will rise up and do something drastic in protest. The British voters have now done something drastic. Perhaps this will cause politicians in other Europeans countries to stop, reevaluate their stances, and realize that they need to actually care about the interests of ordinary people in their countries.

But probably not.

So has the initial economic effects and voter reaction made it any more likely that the government will find some way to get out of the results of the referendum? If not, what else would have to happen to give them enough political cover?

Particularly when a large number of things are going to become a lot more expensive in the coming months/years. Of course, they’ll blame something else for the sudden devaluation of the pound…

And the over 65 set will be disappointed to find out that next week there are still brown colored people about, and they have not been magically transported away.

This has been going viral. It’s a comment from the Financial Times.

Norway has control over it’s agriculture and fisheries policies; it’s obliged to adopt every other EU policy & directive (including free movement of labor) without having any voting representation at Brussels. Norway also has to make contributions to the EU budget.


As comedian Andy Borowitz put it:

Excellent quote and this is why Brexit is not going to lead to a stronger better Britain. The young didn’t want it. Why should they work their asses off to make your isolated island nation great again? A lot of the most talented young people are going to vote with their feet and head off elsewhere.

I’m guessing this could end up being a boon for Ireland. If you want to base your company in an English speaking country but have access to the EU then Ireland is it now