Post edit History!!!

The board now has a feature to show your unedited horrible mess in all its disgusting glory.

Not sure if one person can look at another’s though.

Let us test this theory by editing this thread.

I looked at the FAQs and the time and date of the edit should show as a link to view the edit history. Looks like it’s not working right now. Added this line just to double test. Hey, it does work! Neat!

I just came back to this thread and I my edit history on the last post is no longer linked. I also saw in other threads that other posters’ edits were not linked. Oh, well.

Just had a thought, maybe the history is only available during the edit window.

Looks like that’s the case, as soon as the edit button went away, so did the link. I wonder if the Mods/Admins have access after the fact?

tst edit history

eta: I want to see of edit history is available…

eta2 link is there now … I bet is disappears in 5 minutes!


It would appear so. (Which makes sense, if access to the edit history is tied to the window for editing–our edit window never closes.)

Sweet! That’s a huge improvement then.

…and, we never sleep!:cool:

Must get drafty.