post-interview: should I wait to hear back?

Hey all,

I had an interview with a company I really want to work for. I am on the young side, so my experience might be borderline.

They told me about the next step (wait two weeks and then they’ll pick some for a 2nd interview) and told me that he does not see anything about me that says absolutely no.

I followed up with a thank you email, expressing my interest.

Now I’m waiting. Should I just wait or can I ask a question or two (like I wanted to know more about the specific role, etc)…but I do not want to bother them too much.


Is there a way to present the argument to the department head if I am not offered the position that I would take an internship or something else to demonstrate my interest/drive?

I currently have a full time job but I’d give it up for a shot with this company-I think if I presented my argument properly I might have a shot at getting an in?

Let me know guys :slight_smile:

I would not contact them again until after the two week period is up, then call and ask if they have made a decision (without being pushy) the interview process takes time. If they don’t choose you for a specific position, I would let them know that you would be interested in any other position they feel you’d be a better fit for.

When I’m interviewing, my first goal is to see if they fit within the company, then within the position. If not for the specific position in the department, I’ll let HR and a different manager in another department know. So basically, if I like you I’ll stay in touch with you (without you needing to stay in touch with me), although sometimes a two or more weeks will go by before I make offers. I’m interviewing others, and doing my job, so hiring isn’t the #1 priority.