Should I contact my boss?

I’m currently interning at a career services office. The office has created a new position, and I applied for it. I made it through the screening round, then a first interview, and last week had a group interview with all the permanent staff.

After the interview, my supervisor told me that they would try to have a decision by Wednesday, but if it came down to a few really good candidates they might have another interview round. I really want this job, so waiting has been understandably difficult. I haven’t received any e-mails or phone calls, and I don’t work on Wednesdays or Thursdays, so I’m not in the office. Would it be acceptable to e-mail my boss about progress toward a decision, or would it be better to just wait?

If they’re making a decision by Wednesday or having another round of interviews, I think it would be acceptable to make a polite call on Thursday; “Just wondering if you’d made a decision yet.” It is never a bad thing to show interest in a job - it’s just a fine line between showing interest and badgering.

I agree… I think it’s a good idea to “just sort of check up on the progress of things”. It certainly shows that you’re interested in the position, and that you’re gung-ho.

They got back to me the next day. I didn’t get the position, but none of the other candidates they interviewed did either, and they’re going to open up the search again.

I was disappointed when it happened, but it feels more and more like dodging a bullet.

Well, you could always ask them what it was you lacked that kept you from getting the job. This would show them that you really care about advancement, and not necessarily set you up for another screening for this job.
And what do you mean by “dodging a bullet”? What have you found out about the job you didn’t know when you applied for it?

Definitely ask them this, but put it as ‘they felt you lacked’. This will allow you to say, “Ah, let me tell you about …”

It’s not the job, it’s more about how the office operates. The position was open-ended, because it was a new position they were adding. Our director has a habit of setting off in one direction and then changing her mind. I could deal with either one of these, but the combination would be a giant pain in the ass.