Post short-term predictions

I thought it would be interesting to post predictions for the next couple of months and then see how we did.

Mine are both political

  1. Americans will be shocked by the depth of anti-American displays at the Olympics and this might lead to a dip in Bush’s polls.

  2. Next week, Tom Ridge, or another admin. official will make a very high profile statement on terror that will diminish Kerry/Edwards profile in the media

What are your predictions?

The sun will rise each day.

The sun will set each day.

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Zev Steinhardt

Any thread I post to will immediately wither and fall off the first page.

At least one person representing Greece will win a gold medal at the Olympics.

John Edwards will soon quit turning to Kerry and giving him the big two thumbs up sign, as someone on the campaign staff has quietly informed him that it’s not a good look… actually that it’s not a good look at all.

I predict that I will be violently ill within the next hour.

<places forehead on desk and moans pitifully> Never eat leftovers for lunch if they were packed by DeHusband. No telling when (or if) they were put in the refrigerator.

<resume pitiful moaning>

DaVena, go eat some ice cream. It won’t keep you from getting sick but I’d imagine cool vomit would be much more soothing than ambient vomit.



Henceforth, you may call me Nostril Domus. :smiley:

I predict I’ll have to take a dump later today.
DaVena, if lieu’s ice cream suggestion isn’t appealing, try eating some bananas. At least they taste the same no matter which direction they’re travelling.


I notice that I posted my prediction at 12:08 p.m. on July 30. By 1:05 it had received its last post, then dropped off the front page until today.

So it looks like I was right, as well.