Post what you know about big-time celebrities(that you are ignorant about)

This is a game, kind of. It’s also just a cool way to learn.

The idea is this. Pick a celebrity that you know is very famous, but who you know almost nothing about. Then, post everything you think you know about them without looking anything up.

People can correct you where you are wrong and you can learn a bit about who these “celebrities” are.

The next player(whoever wants to go) can pick a new celebrity and share what they think they know and we can correct/confirm their facts.

I’ll go first in the next post.

Celebrity #1: Brett Favre

I am ignorant of all things football, so beware.

From the culture I live in, I have picked up(I think) that:

  1. He’s a pro football player.

  2. He is a quarterback and one of the best of all time.

  3. He played, I think, for the Packers for a long time, but left and now plays for another team.

  4. He keep retiring and then unretiring at the last minute. He’s done this more than twice, I think.

  5. He’s 40-45 years old or something. He’s been playing for something like 15-20 years.

  6. Oh, he sent those text messages recently with a picture of his winky. I only know this because it is news currently. I’ll forget it in the future.

  7. Hmmm…he’s a jerk? People don’t like him or something? I have no idea why except for the whole retiring and unretiring thing, which I think is frustrating.

That is all I know about him. Oh, that impressionist who impersonates John Madden seems to indicate that Madden loves Favre or something.

That’s it. How did I do?

I guess it was not a great idea.

I’ll try one:

James Lebron used to be a good basketball player somewhere up north, but he didn’t want to play there anymore (was it in Detroit?), anyway, he went to Miami, and people burned his old jerseys and talked bad about how he left his old team to go play for another team with some Irish (IIRC) guy named O’neal.

So, James is going to play for a basketball team that may win the pennant or a trophy or something, but the fans in Detroit will still think that he should have stayed there and helped sell more jerseys.

How did I do?

SSG § Schwartz

I’m not a big fan, but I’ll correct you based on what I know.

  1. It’s Lebron James

  2. It was Cleveland, which is near where he was from.

  3. Miami, yep.

  4. Not sure who plays in Miami, but yeah, there are a few stars there. It’s seen as a wuss move, since he’s admitting he can’t win by building his team up as a leader.

I answered yours seriously even though I feel you are joking. Did mine look like a joke? I really know almost zero about Bret Favre.

I really know nothing about Lebron James, other than it seems like he is fameous for being fameous for playing basketball. I picked him because I don’t know anything about him.

SSG § Schwartz

Ah, I see that this thread might be one where it is difficult to tell who is joking and who isn’t.

Okay, a non-sports one:

Justin Bieber

  1. He’s a singer
  2. He’s really young
  3. He’s popular
  4. He has a silly looking haircut

And that’s pretty much the extent of my knowledge of him. I had to cheat and look up the spelling of his last name. I don’t know what songs he’s sung. I’d guess he might be on one of those Disney shows but I don’t know.

You know too much. Shame.

Katy Perry

  1. She’s a singer
  2. She’s fairly attractive, with a sizable rack.
  3. She’s married to or lives with some scummy-looking British guy.
  4. She did a Sesame Street video, which got canned because of her dress.

You’ve basically got it correct. She sang some song about kissing a girl, I think. That boyfriend is Russell Brand, who is some kind of lame comedian.

I’m not sure there is much more to learn about her, except she was raised as a conservative Christian and was, I think, a Christian singer first.

Anyone care to tell me if I was right on Bret Favre? I have not looked him up because I’d like to see what others say.

  1. I think he began on Youtube.

  2. He sings like a girl, with a high voice.

There is nothing else to know. I don’t think he got a big start from Disney, by the way. That’s Miley Cyrus.

Yes, you were pretty much on the money. The only thing you missed (and only partly) was the number of teams he’s played on - it’s four (The Atlanta Falcons (as a back-up), the Green Bay Packers, the New York Jets, and the Minnesota Vikings). As for his age, he’s 41 (a grandfather) and he’s played for twenty seasons. He’s started in 313 consecutive games which is an NFL record. Ironically, he was traded by the Falcons after his first season because they figured he was injury-prone and wouldn’t be able to last through a full season.

I think I saw his name on the top of a list of “biggest sports jerks”.

Why is he considered a jerk? Why is he unlikeable?

You got me on that one.

He’s got that southern “good ole boy” persona that may rub some people the wrong way. He pissed off some of fans by jumping teams and going back and forth on his retirements. And maybe some fans are reacting against what they see as Favre getting too much praise. But overall, Favre’s never seemed any more jerkish to me than the average athlete.

So what makes Bret Favre so great? I mean, I get that Michael Jordan scored a lot of points and was a great defender as well. Wayne Gretzky just had a ton of points so I get him being the greatest.

What makes Bret Favre an amazing player?

Farve has broken just about every record that an NFL quarterback can. Most passing yards, most passing touchdowns, most consecutive starts for a qb, and whole lot of postseason appearances.

The big problem witth Favre is that he doesn’t want to play preseason games. He doesn’t want to practice other than during the season. So, he retires at the end of the season, and in February everybody believes him. Then come July, the same people believe he is coming back. That’s why he is perceived as a jerk. There will be a quarterback who has been planning on being the starting QB for his team, and having Favre steal it from him at the last minute.

Barry Bonds wasn’t that much of a jerk.

SSG (P) Schwartz

And usually broken them with a pretty wide margin.

Most regular season passing touchdowns:

  1. Brett Favre - 502
  2. Dan Marino - 420
  3. Peyton Manning - 377
  4. Fran Tarkenton - 342
  5. John Elway - 300

Most passing yards:

  1. Brett Favre - 70,190
  2. Dan Marino - 61,361
  3. Peyton Manning - 51,493
  4. John Elway - 51,475
  5. Warren Moon - 49,325

Most pass completions:

  1. Brett Favre - 6,143
  2. Dan Marino - 4,967
  3. Peyton Manning - 4,204
  4. John Elway - 4,123
  5. Warren Moon - 3,988

Most regular season victories as a starting quarterback:

  1. Brett Favre - 182
  2. John Elway - 148
  3. Dan Marino - 147
  4. Peyton Manning - 134
  5. Fran Tarkenton - 124

Some of these records are due to his longevity. But his longevity itself is a record.

Another interesting tidbit – “Perry” is actually her mother’s maiden name. She dropped her surname (Hudson) to avoid confusion with the actress daughter of Goldie Hawn.

The Falcons moved him because IIRC, he wasn’t serious, never picking up the playbook (almost mean that literally)