Post WIndow question

What is the purpose of the A/A button at the top right hand corner of a post window?
While I have you here, what is the “post window” properly called?

According to the tooltip (the text that shows up when you hover over it), it removes all formatting.

I just tested it - I marked a word as bold, and then selected the section. Clicked on the A/A button. The BOLD keywords vanished.

The proper way to address it is Sir Walter PostBox, Earl of Dope.

It’s not just an A/A button. It’s a fancily formatted [sup]A[/sup]A with a red X through it. Hence it means “remove formatting.”

Thank you, gentlemen.

No, Remove Formatting is the A/A button at the top left. The other A/A button is for changing the text into display format. Rather than show the vbcode, it shows the result.

It only seems to work on the Quick-Reply though. I can’t get it to do anything on the Advanced.

Oh yeah…that one. I forget about it, because it isn’t visible in Chrome.


Unless you are Australian and then “Nigel” is close enough.

I’ll just go back to calling it “Bob”.

It used to work for me in IE and Firefox, but now that I’m using Chrome, I don’t have that option. Sucks. I want wysiwyg.