Post your closest "Jewish influence"

Inspired by this Pit thread.

While I’m a pagan, I work in a store owned by Chassidic Jews.

I am circumcised. They cut away the best part of my penis. Now, I can not maximize my gratification anymore (apparently, according to doctors, that part gives you the best pleasure).

Was that because of Jewish belief? Was it done as part of a ritual? I’m circumcised too, but it was because of a (misguided, IMHO) secular medical opinion that circumcision was more hygienic.

My nephew is Jewish. I’ve been actively promoting the interests of the Learned Elders of Zion since 1997.

No, I was circumcised because my parents made me to. I had no thoughts on it; I was just violated while they insisted on it because “everybody else seems to be circumcising”.

Still, I thought circumcision was a Jewish culture? Hence, listing as a Jewish influence. If that doesn’t count as one, how about eating bagels? Is that Jewish? I can’t remember.

I was strongly influenced in my political thinking by Milton Friedman. Does that count?

I was once in business with a partner who was Jewish. His dad was even a rabbi, although I never met the dad.

A finer more moral human you’d never meet. And a darn good businessman to boot. We did very well for several years until we got squashed as collateral damage from some rushed-through federal legislation.

He died last year; 30+ years of Camels finally caught up with him. Rest in peace old friend.

Other than that … now I have a few Jewish neighbors, friends, and acquaintances here in greater Miami. Now that’s a surprise, isn’t it?

If circumcision was just a Jewish tradition, why would your presumably non-Jewish parents do it to you? Did they have a Bar Mitzvah for you as well? The history of crcumsision in the US and England is kind of weird, but there were a lot of doctors pushing it on secular grounds.

I have a Jewish ex-sister in law that I still run into occasionally. I would have to say that she never had any influence on me though. I don’t think I know any other Jews.

By the way, my little friend was “cut” too but we were Catholic. I’ve always wondered what, if anything, I’m missing.

I donno, I suspect I have a Mel Brooks movie around here somewhere.

Woody Allen Too!

I was young; when parents just insist on something to be done, hard for a young child to say “no”. Especially if they are the kind of parents “do what we want”.

Eh, I thought circumcision was a Jewish culture. If not, no biggie.

I’m Jewish. Bwah ha ha ha!

My dad has influenced me in many ways. :slight_smile:

When I first got online in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s I talked quite often to an Israeli journalist who was also a fan of Formula One motorsport.

That is the first time I ever knowingly had contact with a Jewish person, and the last. I’m from Northern Ireland, Judaism isn’t really a thing here, (though there is a house in a local village which has what looks like a mezuzah on the front door).

btw edited to add how much it completely blew my mind to be able to talk to different people from around the world like that, my university grades suffered because I got a bit obsessed with it!

History of the Jews in Northern Ireland (Wikipedia)

Says there were only 335 Jews there in 2011.

My husband is Jewish, though very non-practicing. My in-laws were Holocaust survivors (Polish Jews). I still have their shofar and a collection of hagaddahs (not sure I spelled that right) from over the decades.

My previous workplace was owned by an observant Jewish bloke: when I first started there he had a very hands-on approach to running the place, but as the years passed he became less and less involved in the business itself, and spending more time studying at his local synagogue.

The workplace was bang smack in the centre of the Jewish community in Melbourne, and the boss of course closed the business for the Sabbath every week, and for all of the observed holidays during the year…which when combined with the other gazetted public holidays made for a lot of short pay-weeks for the employees.

Half the employees were Jewish of varying flavours, from the “I’m only Jewish 'cos my mum is and none of the family attend Synagogue” through to the most orthodox of adherents. At one point, the boss saw it as his personal duty to persuade the nominal Jews to get their act together and get back to G-d, but after being told in no uncertain terms that he had no business in others’ spiritual journey, he cut that shit out quick smart! :smiley:

Anyway, I learned a LOT about Judaism in the 8 yrs I worked there. Especially having grown up in a totally non-religious household, it was my first real encounter with people who take their beliefs seriously. I still find it fascinating.

Yep, and most of them in Belfast. The house I mentioned is situated near Derry though, and it does say there used to be a Jewish community there.

Interestingly, from that link, “Chaim Herzog, who became the 6th President of Israel, was born in Belfast.”

I’d forgotten about that.

My dissertation adviser was an orthodox Jew. He was also an asshole.

One of my friends–a lifelong friend-from-childhood who I still keep up with–is Jewish. She never talks about it. I tend to forget, until she starts to bake Jewish goodies at certain times of the year.

Me! I have enormous influence over myself. Although, sometimes, my self seems to have a mind of its own.