Post your unpopular opinions

We’ve had people say that they don’t think the Beatles, Van Halen, and Bob Dylan are really all that great.

That’s how I’ve always felt about the Beastie Boys. I also don’t think David Sedaris is funny, either.

I spoilered that because those opinions seem to be even more incendiary than my own personal opinion that climate change is not entirely man-made.

Cold pizza is the ass. Heat it up proper in an oven (not microwave).Better, eat it all the night before.

Mario Lemieux is better than Wayne Gretzky.

100% fake maple syrup tastes just as good as the real stuff, and is cheaper to boot.

The war on ignorance has less chance of being win than the war on drugs.
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Here’s an unpopular opinion of mine: One reason why the war on ignorance has little chance of being won is scientists themselves, whose work and activity often frustrates and alienates common people expecting more clarity and coherence from those who claim to be able to enlighten the masses.

and yet it moves.

That the United States has devolved in to two distinct cultures that will never reconcile; not only do we have different goals and values, those goals and values are in direct opposition to one another.

Hasn’t this always been the case? The civil war was in a lot of ways the south vs. the northeast.

If you spend more than one day wondering if you should put your elderly pet down, you are at the point when you should put it down. This is even more true of cats who do their damnest not to show pain; if their pain is bad enough that you’re noticing, it’s suffering.

It is as bad as it’s been since the civil war. We are not one nation, what one side sees as good, the other sees as evil. Take gay marriage, it is a basic human right to me, an affront to god to a Roy Moore voter. It used to be that we had some shared experiences, there were only a few networks and at least we were all watching the same shows, but now we can completely wall each other off from one another and live in completely different realities. Which brings us to Trump, the damage he has done to America is permanent and catastrophic. That red America was so bigoted and so ignorant to choose him shows that we are irrevocably split. If ever there was a chance at reconciliation, it was killed by red state America electing him president.

So does astrology.

QED, I guess?..

I think that football - both kinds - is astonishingly stupid. For most things I don’t enjoy, I can at least see how it might be possible for someone else to enjoy them. Even golf is more interesting… and golf is less interesting than a weekend insurance seminar.

I think you’re almost right. Closer, IMHO, would be that there have always been differences. It’s only that the things we had in common were thought to be much more important than the differences. Part of this, again IMHO, was that from the start of the 1900s, America faced significant external threats. Now, the focus has turned inwards. We are shining a harsher light on the differences that have always been there.

And, BTW, there’s no rioting in the streets. Is everyone so young that nobody remembers the peace demonstrations and civil rights demonstrations of the 1960s and 1970s? Does nobody remember the Weather Underground? They BOMBED the Pentagon and banks and loads of government buildings. Can you imagine the audacity of such an organization today?

What you’re seeing today is a ripple… led by people who will be undone more by the weight of their own incompetence than by law enforcement or by other people in the government.

OK – what the heck -------

  1. I believe in some sort of Divine Being. You can call it God or the Flying Spaghetti Monster; I don’t really care. I just feel that there is something out there greater than we are. I follow It through Christianity but your mileage is more than welcome to vary.

  2. I believe there is something out there, quite possibly natural but unexplained. Call it paranormal or ghosts or whatever you want; again I don’t really care.

  3. I don’t really care very much who the POTUS is; my concern is more in the judiciary. As we’ve seen lately it is that over-all branch of government who has control of the brake pedal and will ultimately have the largest effect on my daily life.

All three are unpopular enough in some large circles that just about any discussion, here or in real life, automatically turns into a Great Debate. Someone has to be right and I have to be wrong and that is just how it is. And that is OK as well since I’m not out to convince anyone else. It’s just my feelings/opinions and I don’t plan on changing them any time in the future.

I disagree that there is no rioting in the streets, do you not remember Ferguson and Baltimore? Red state America elected a white nationalist president in no small part because blacks were getting organized. BLM was a key factor in the GOP primaries.

Belief in god isn’t an unpopular opinion - 9 in 10 Americans believe in a God as of 2016 and worldwide it’s a little over 8 in 10.

You might be the minority in a certain nation or narrow group (young intellectuals for instance are much more likely to be atheist or agnostic. Narrow your peer group even further to the top demographics for atheism or agnosticism - white, male, and liberal - and they’ll probably become the majority). But most of the time, that’s a very popular opinion.

I agree with you/ however, he was a wonderful dramatic actor. I also point out at every opportunity that he did NOT die from suicide, but rather Lewy Body Dementia, a devastating neurological disease that was discovered at autopsy, and he simply chose the time and manner of his death.

Had he not killed himself, he probably would’ve been dead by now anyway. Life expectancy is only 5-8 years after symptom onset, and he had symptoms going back years.

Here is my unpopular opinion. I’m an atheist who believes consciousness survives death.