Post your unpopular opinions

I support voluntary eugenics. The chronically poor/mentally ill should be encouraged to be sterilized, in exchange for financial rewards.

I’m not in favor of eugenics - but I can at least understand people’s logic when they advocate for not passing along heritable traits such as mental illness, birth defects, etc.

But chronic poverty? Are you shitting me? You lessen poverty by changing the society it arises from. You can’t “breed it out,” it’s not genetic for Christ’s sake.

Have you considered the effect on SCOTUS of the person getting elected to POTUS? Perhaps you meant other than that.

I’ll go along with that. I use the sugar-free “maple” syrup. I also like turkey bacon. It’s cheaper than regular bacon and cooks up crispy without all the grease.

That was badly expressed on my part, I was more thinking of the underclass like prostitutes or drug addicts/alcoholics living of welfare, rather than say a factory worker or cleaning lady trying to earn a living.

Have you ever considered that perhaps the addicts and prostitutes used to be factory workers or cleaning ladies, who lost their jobs, realized the system was so rigged against them they’d probably never get anywhere in life, and just gave up?

The solution is to mandate a livable wage for factory workers and cleaning ladies, so they don’t become addicts and prostitutes. Not to sterilize them after they fail in a game with really bad odds.

Yes I have. The “liberal” SCOTUS have never been nearly as liberal as I wished and the conservative ones haven’t been nearly as oppressive as I feared. Plus in either case you have to get past nominated by the POTUS to actually being seated. Once appointed and confirmed, the majority always seems to end up somewhere around center.

Overall, compared to the other two branches of our government, they seem most likely to act for the common good rather than the good of their respective Parties.

Thanks, I have a new nightmare now.

Longer thank you think, Dad! Longer than you think!

I don’t think the argument is just “they might make bad decisions, we want to protect them from their own foolishness”. I think it’s more along the lines of “we, as a society no longer allow gladiators to kill each other for our entertainment”. Therefore, various competitions of various sorts which can be dangerous (ie, boxing, auto racing) have societally-imposed regulations to ensure that they are as safe for the competitors as possible. Banning performance-enhancing substances is basically similar to requiring that NASCAR drivers wear inflatable crash collars (or whatever).

Speaking just for myself, I would certainly enjoy watching the Olympics a lot less if running through the back of my head at all times was “these guys are poisoning themselves for my entertainment… thanks guys!”.

Speaking of which: it kills me when people talk about professional athletes being there to entertain us.

My unpopular opinion us that they play because it’s what they want to do, and they make a lot of money doing it. For 95% of then I doubt they give a shit if you’re entertained or not.

They’re basically doing you a favor letting you watch them play.

Since the Olympics have been brought up in this thread, I’m going to repeat something I’ve said several times here for the benefit of those who haven’t seen it, and it’s this: I believe that the Olympics should be discontinued, mainly because their purpose has come and long since gone.

I recently read this book, about some female American sprinters who competed in 1932 and 1936, and it was already a corrupt juggernaut by that time.

I just thought of yet another unpopular opinion I hold: Starbucks has decent coffee and so does Costa Coffee.

Mustard is the absolute worst thing you can put in your mouth. Yellow, brown, spicy, French, Pupon (whatever it is). It all tastes like shit and smells even worse.

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I support positive eugenics. I think the smartest and most talented 5-10% of people should get extra incentives to procreate that the rest of us do not get (mainly financial benefits). We all benefit from a world full of human capital.

It won’t be so bad. Just eternal boredom.

Sugar is as addictive, and as dangerous, as any of the ‘hard drugs’, and has likely caused as many deaths.

A good bullfight is one of the most sublime activities one can watch.

I’m gonna win this thread.

I’m probably the only poster on this message board who loves President Trump and supports all of his policies. Go, Donald! Make America Great Again!

(and no, I’m not kidding)

ETA: I like bullfights, too.

That’s really not a particularly unpopular opinion. Try again.

I believe that humans will make our planet uninhabitable (by humans) within the next hundred years, and quite possibly, within fifty. And no, no one will escape on a space ship.

There should be birth control in the water, or in the air we breathe. The antidote would be available by prescription, after completing a physical exam and a course in parenting. Only people who are willing and able to properly raise kids should have them.