Post your unpopular opinions

They will, but I’m doubtful that if Earth becomes uninhabitable before 2100 the Mars colony will be self-sufficient enough to survive without any further resupply from Earth.

In that scenario it’s far more likely people in bunkers cleansing the air with some tech that doesn’t exist yet would be the survivors.

This is just another popular opinion in the USA actually. Most of my relatives and acquaintances on American soil hold similar views. I find it shocking that one of the closets in a person’s home should hold so many rifles but they hail this practice as an ultimate expression of democracy.

It makes sense to a certain extent, I think, but the downside is it would be such a highly politicized social issue and process that the measure could easily become inapplicable.

And now, while I’m still at it, I want to express my admiration toward Robin Williams’ work (who is amazingly funny in ‘Good Morning, Vietnam’). I also totally agree with what has been posted about white chocolate and Bob Dylan.

I believe that an overwhelming majority of the people in the world are kind and generous and honest.

I think the NRA is pretty much a terrorist organization.

It doesn’t matter if the human race goes quietly and gently extinct.

I think it would be bad if people suffered more than usual while it was happening, as might occur in any sort of catastrophic end to our species, and in fact, it’s hard to think of any scenario that wouldn’t involve at least some discomfort, even if it was just population decline (because civilisation would start to fail at some point).

But there isn’t any reason why the universe needs us, or why we should try to spread ourselves around it.

Cool. What if cancer spikes due to this? There was just a big metastudy reported out last month that shows that there’s still an increased risk of breast cancer associated with the modern birth control pill, and cervical cancer is also linked to use of oral birth control. And who knows what effects it could have on boys and men…

I agree. Maybe it’s time to let evolution have another crack at who gets to be on top of the food chain.

I’m not saying I want the human race to go extinct, or would be pleased of the news of its commencement - I just don’t believe we have some ‘destiny’ to colonise the galaxy - and I don’t think there is any specific benefit to ‘spreading our bet’ by colonising another planet.

I don’t either, but I also don’t think there is something inherently special about human existence. In an infinite universe, I imagine there are lots of sentient civilizations, each with their own Shakespeares, Beethovens, Trumps, Hitlers, and Harriet Tubmans; each thinking their special and each eventually going away.

David Coverdale is a better singer than Robert Plant.

The “space hippies” episode of Star Trek is better than its reputation would have you believe.

Turkey bacon is almost as good as pork bacon, and much easier to clean up after.

I am not convinced that tattooing and piercing are different behaviors than cutting.

I believe that embryos and fetuses are just as human as you and I. I believe in abortion on demand, up to and including the ninth month.

I believe in legalizing drugs. Because I am a social darwinist.

Socialism is the political equivalent of homeopathy and perpetual motion machines. Capitalism can be a harsh taskmaster, but in the long run, it does a better job of feeding people.

Green energy is a rich man’s toy. If you want to fix global warming, you need private-sector economic growth in the developing world.

Trump was the lesser evil. Hilary was worse.

Cancer is a disease of the immune system, and we are walking around with the worst immune systems in history thanks to our indoor lives and germ phobia.

Cancer rates will sky rocket in the next thirty years.

“His” being Bob Dylan’s. After your Catcher in the Rye remark I thought we couldn’t be friends any more* but you won me back with this one. I mean, I’ve pictured the band behind him in Like a Rolling Stone smirking and saying among themselves, “This guy thinks he can sing – oh God, he’s brought out his harmonica.” Let’s not even get into the misogyny.

I think as a meal, Thanksgiving dinner is an over-blown exercise in gluttony involving foods I’d rather not be eating (except the pie; I like mincemeat, apple, and even pumpkin for dessert). I’m there for the camaraderie, not the meal.

*It is a good thing to read, when you’re sixteen.

Global warming is a GOOD THING

Tropical climate from pole to pole … no permanent ice anywhere except the highest mountain peaks … luxurious plant growth everyplace … we’re at the dawn of a new Golden Age of human achievement … all will prosper, the hungry will be fed, the homeless will be housed and the naked will be clothed all over the world … Siberia, North Canada and Antarctica all become eminently habitable for all the diversity of life … the deserts will because immense grasslands supporting trillions of wild critters … hate and war disappear …

Humans are returning to the Garden of Eden …


Ding ding ding … we have a winner !!!

It’s very common for people to choose not to have children because they don’t want to pass on a known defective gene. However, this has to be an individual decision.

What I do not understand is why someone who has a terrible genetic disease themselves would have children; even if the children don’t inherit the gene, they’re still going to be raised by a chronically ill parent who may die young, and that’s no way to grow up. But then again, it’s not my decision, and there are no guarantees in this life; a healthy person could be in a terrible accident or contract some awful disease that nobody could have predicted.

I was thirteen when I first read it and it was my first encounter with the concept of a flawed narrator. At its bottom, it’s a story about a traumatized kid surrounded by adults who really don’t give a damn about him, and I could relate to that. It was hugely influential on my writing from a very young age, so it has a special place in my heart. Finally, I envy Salinger and the days where you could get away with being a hermit and still have a successful career.

Nine Stories is pretty good, too.

One of the bajillion reasons we have decided to adopt is that I have a strong and virulent genetic history of mental health disorders, ranging from bipolar to schizophrenia to severe depression. It’s funny because we have absolutely no idea what we’re going to get with a child from another biological lineage. It appears that no matter how well you plan it, parenting is a total crapshoot.

Except that’s not what’s happening. Global warming means that the average temperature of the Earth is rising, but that doesn’t mean that temperatures go up everywhere, or that everyplace is warmer year-round. (That’s why many climatologists use the term “global climate change” instead of “global warming” to describe the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.)

One of the major consequences of global climate change is probably going to be changes in the ocean currentsthat keep vast areas of the Earth pleasantly habitable for us humans. Many places near the poles could become much, much colder. Some already warm places in the tropics could become even hotter than they already are. Not to mention that changes in the major Atlantic Ocean current could change rainfall patterns, leading to drought in some areas and flooding in others. None of that is even remotely Eden-like.

I can think of another unpopular opinion you hold. It involves punctuation.