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This is the correct assessment, in my opinion. It is how the US – and maybe many other first world countries as well – can always be goaded. Our collective tempers cost us trillions needlessly.

I can’t stand W. C. Fields. I recognize that he was a talented clown with a unique delivery, but I can’t stand his unrepentant drunk, “fuck you if you don’t like it, you old bitch” routine. I’ve seen too many drunks take him as a role model to find it funny anymore.

Yes, that’s what I said … “wind drives the ocean surface currents, not the other way around” …

There is a temperature inversion in the ocean … convective heat transfer is inhibited … the sun heats the top of the water, that warmer (and less dense) water stays at the top … where the wind can push it around …

I’m open to this possibility, when the temperate circulation cell collapses these climates will disappear and change into … (hehe) … tropical climates … though I’m not sure your stated mechanism is correct …

Your citation is factually incorrect … “The Earth’s rotation causes winds to flow clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere. This is called the Coriolis effect.”… both Trade Winds and Westerlies occur in both hemispheres … this strange they should write that since the map is right there (and is correct), maybe they don’t understand the Coriolis effect …

Rush, Yes, and U2 are sucky bands.

BBT is a sucky TV show

Country is a sucky music genre

Winter is a sucky season

The advent of unlimited free porn has been, as a whole, harmful, with few redeeming benefits. This will be as accepted as smoking is harmful in probably less than 100 years.

-Rush does indeed fucking SUCK.

-Trump is scary. But the whole, o noes, we iz d00md!!! is really laughable. No, he’s not Hitler. And even he IS, the world is not the same as it was in the 1930s, and you cannot seriousy compare the 1930s Germany to 2010s USA.
Mind you, I’m not saying that Trump isn’t scary, per se. If you really want to compare him to a historical German leader, he’s more Kaiser Wilhelm II than Ol’ Schicklgruber. A narcissist with a massive case of Dunning-Kruger. (And once again, the world in 2018 is not the same as it was in 2014)

-I think at this point, we should just say fuck it, and let Israel and Palestine do what they want. We’ve tried every thing we can. Yinz want to kill each other? Whatever, just leave the rest of the world out of it.

-The radical left can indeed be as bad as the radical right at times. Extremists suck, no matter who you are. And I’m really, really ashamed of some of my fellow leftists right now. :frowning:

Winner in that you agree Lemieux is better than Gretzky or winner that it’s an unpopular opinion?

Out of curiosity, how has it been harmful?

My impression is it is beneficial. It lowers the rates of sex crimes.

Today only seems that way to you because you are living in the present. The nation has faced far greater threats and divisions. But you weren’t there immersed in a 24 hour newsfeed.

We’ve done this at least once before (though I always find it interesting, so no big deal):

Here’s what I posted in that thread (with slight edits):

In the US, the concept of Reparations shouldn’t be a fringe political idea. Not necessarily Reparations for slavery, but it should be considered and debated for policies and practices like Redlining which actually did significant financial damage to many still living black Americans.

I think the many worlds interpretation of quantum physics might allow both free will and fate to be true – you can make any choice you want, but you are ultimately fated to make every choice.

What does the “radical left” do that’s comparable to the alt right?

Arg. OK, I know this is supposed to be “Post your unpopular opinions” rather than “argue people out of their unpopular opinions”.

But the notion that Al Qaeda “won” is just nonsense, and it’s a particularly parochial kind of nonsense. They weren’t trying to make Americans waste a bunch of money and effort on nonsensical security theater, they weren’t trying to make America worse off. America was just a symbol to them, they didn’t actually give a fuck about America or care what our internal politics were like.

What they wanted was an America that stayed out of the Middle East and didn’t support the regimes that they didn’t like. You know, like the House of Saud. How’s the House of Saud doing lately? Toppled yet? The 9/11 attacks didn’t chase the Americans out of the Middle East, they didn’t destabilize American client states in the Middle East. Sure, we spent a trillion dollars on the wars and got nothing in return, that doesn’t mean the Jihadis won anything. Notice that Al Qaeda isn’t even a thing anymore, it’s all ISIS. Well, soon enough ISIS won’t be a thing, and all the cool Jihadis will pledge allegiance to some cool new movement.

It’s possible for America to be worse off, and Al Qaeda to be even more worse off. It’s not a victory for Al Qaeda if America’s economic growth is flat for a decade. A victory is God deciding that America should be humbled and millions flocking to the Islamist banners. That didn’t happen, and it ain’t going to happen. There isn’t any pan-Islamist movement, and the Middle East is still mired in exactly the same problems as before, and it’s only getting worse. And none of this is good news for the Islamists in a “the worse it is the sooner they will turn to us” because Islamism doesn’t have any sort of track record of fixing the problems plaguing the Middle East. To which the Islamist would reply that’s not their goal, their goal is to live according to God’s plan, and God will solve the problems when people start following God. But that’s, you know, not going to happen.


Unpopular … although I can see the case that yours isn’t the most unpopular … kind of surprised you haven’t received the virulence some “other” opinions posted here garner …

Mario Lemieux was a great player, no doubt about that … only the best of the best of the best could come within 1,134 total points in a career as The Great One did …

Jeez, you guys sound like my parents (in 1964).

Did you even read the rest of my post? The point was that the wind, alone, isn’t what gets the ocean to carry heat from place to place. And, even if it were, wind patterns might change as a result of global warming.

Well, yeah. Of course you’re not sure whether my stated (or, rather, hypothesized) mechanism is correct. I’m not sure of it, either. No-one knows exactly how it is that global climate change is going to alter our climates. Climate and weather prediction is notoriously difficult to do, and the probability of each particular scenario is, unavoidably, less than 100%.

Here’s the thing, though. The changes we’ve seen due to global warming–more severe weather, rising sea levels, acidification of the ocean, etc.–all fit very well with the models used for climate change prediction. It therefore makes much more sense to assume that those predictions are more accurate than any other predictions people could make.

Really? You think the American Museum of Natural History doesn’t understand the science it teaches? As far as I can tell, the AMNH isn’t saying that westerlies and trade winds don’t occur in both hemispheres. Clearly, they do, and the AMNH isn’t arguing that they don’t. Are you trolling at this point, or being willfully obtuse?

I think the Islamists are taking the long game. I assume since ISIS and Al Qaeda are both Sunni muslim groups, they feel they are just 2 sides of the same coin, and the war will go on for centuries.

I do recall during the Bush years reading how Al Qaeda said all they have to do is put up the Al Qaeda flag in some barren desert and the US will invade.

Granted, I ‘think’ the US learned its lesson from Iraq. Nation building doesn’t work and you fight terrorism better with law enforcement, drones, intelligence and special forces than with trying to overthrow regimes or take over hostile nations. Under Obama something like 30,000 terrorists were killed.

But the goal of Islamists was just to bleed the US dry in the hopes that they either collapse or give up. Also the US did withdraw troops from Saudi Arabia, which was a major motivator for AL Qaeda.

I suspect the amount of people who expect sex to follow an exact script is higher than before there were visually-acted scripted sex acts easily available. The amount of males who think that the more you last the better may also correlate.

Commercial air travel has mostly improved over the last 50 years.

True, but consider how much worse it’s going to get when freshwater rivers and lakes start drying up due to higher average temperatures in some countries that are barely wetter than deserts as it is, and how tempting the rivers in neighboring countries are going to look that are just a little bit over the border…

No better motivation for war than survival.

More like the next Dust Bowl.