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99% of lyrics suck. Instrumental music is much better on average than music with lyrics. If the instrumental version of a song isn’t close to as good as the original, I barely consider it music at all.

I’m not anti-porn by a long shot, but I’m not aware of any evidence supporting the claim that it lowers rates of sexual assault. Are you?

Trump is doing a great job!

I win this thread.

I can’t stop laughing at this…so So SO true!!!

Most of these takes wouldn’t be too unusual in left-wing settings, but would go over like a lead balloon anywhere else:

Drugs, casual sex, and fantasy escapism are so prevalent because our society is sick, atomized, and alienated. These are coping mechanisms.

Prestige TV isn’t that prestigious. It’s mostly angsty white men explaining why they have to be monsters, along with gratuitous nudity and violence.

Nerd culture is vapid consumerism.

Generational antagonism (e.g. Boomer vs. Millennial) is a media invention and just another way of masking class conflict.

White Twitter liberals who use AAVE and post gifs of sassy black women are exercising the crassest performative wokeness possible, or maybe they’re lowkey racists who love boosting stereotypes.

If Trump is actually “destroying the discourse” as liberals fear that’s a good thing. Respectability politics is completely worthless and only serves to defend the monstrous status quo.

Like Rosa said, the future is socialism or barbarism, especially once all the environmental disasters explode and tens of millions of refugees start moving into rich northern countries. Given current trends it’ll be fascism, or some techno-libertarian feudalist nightmare.

This is close to mainstream liberal opinion. Unpopular opinions would be that the protests had little effect on public opinion or policy, or that America won to the extent their goal was to destroy the formation of independent social movements (basically Chomsky’s take, IIRC).

This is unpopular in the wider culture, but a vanilla take on the left, and even on mainstream liberal sites you’ll occasionally see an article about how porn is ruining young men or causing addiction problems or pointing out how predatory the industry is.

I think that anyone who thinks Oprah would be a good president is as stupid as Trump voters.

What? You mean a billionaire TV star with no political experience would even be elected President?

The best quarterback who ever played (American) football is not Tom Brady, Joe Montana, John Unitas, Bart Starr, or Payton Manning. The best QB ever didn’t even win a Super Bowl, and only ever got into one. He’s still the best, though.

Are you talking about Otto? Automatic Otto?

I’ll vote for him a third time after he changes the rules :slight_smile:

But maybe she would buy everyone in America a new car? :wink:

Sorry, wasn’t trying to be mysterious, just forgot to type the actual name: Dan Marino.

And make Jenny McCarthy Surgeon General. I kind of want her to run just so we can watch her get torn to pieces when people start digging in to the snakeoil BS she’s been selling for decades, but the risk is too great that we’d actually elect her.

I believe that if/when the impeachment net starts to tighten, Trump may commit, or at least attempt, suicide. :eek: No, I don’t want him to do that.

I hate to be pedantic, but she never bought her audience any cars on that show. Those cars were given to her, for free, for her to distribute to people, for free. It wasn’t some act of generosity on her part.

All new laws would come with an ‘Oprah Book Club’ sticker!

I did read the other part of your post and I did mean to comment, these “other” currents are trivial as a heat transport mechanism and certainly are not driven by heat transport … saltier water is more dense and there’s not enough heat in the water to provide buoyancy … that’s not the case with over 95% of ocean water where heat does provide enough buoyancy … it’s an observable fact that vertical heat convection doesn’t occur in the open oceans …

Maybe you weren’t as clear as you could have been … there’s always been great temperature differences through latitude (north/south) … the sun doesn’t shine as much at 60º latitude than it does at 15º … thus I assumed you were claiming great temperature differences across longitude (east/west) … this isn’t occurring right now with the forces currently at play, so you seem to be expecting some new force to come into existence … a better mechanism is a more energenic tropical cell overrunning the temperate cell and merging with the polar cell, making one large cell per hemisphere … this one large cell would be tropical in nature, and the basis of my claim “tropical climates pole to pole” …

If by “severe weather” you mean steady-state thunderstorms (aka tornadic thunderstorms) … then these can only be counted accurately using satellite imagery … it’s well known that before the Space Age this data is under-reported … using 50 year averages with only 50 years accurate data, we’ve nothing to compare and so we can’t claim any treads …

Ocean acidification has absolutely nothing to do with global warming and climate change … this is strictly due to the excess amount of CO[sub]2[/sub] in the atmosphere, more is being dissolved into the ocean … if anything, warmer water temperature will drive CO[sub]2[/sub] back out into the atmosphere, but in truly trivial amounts …

It’s interesting you should bring up sea level rise … we’re just a week past the highest tides in a generation, AFAIK there’s been no catastrophic flooding anywhere in the world due to this … we’ve twenty or thirty years until this happens again and that’s about as long as it took the USA to build her interstate freeway system … how expensive it is to add 6 inches to all existing sea walls compared to building just I-80? …

This is the logical fallacy of “appealing to authority” … of course the AMNH is a world class authority in all matters of natural history … but that doesn’t make them world class authorities on computational fluid dynamics … for example; “The Earth’s rotation causes winds to flow clockwise in the northern hemisphere …”; Winds flow counter-clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere due to the Coriolis effect … how can you look at any weather map and defend that AMNH statement? …

Can we not with the climate change?

We did this in the past. I’ll post essentially the same thing as before:

Beer tastes like shit, and coffee tastes worse than beer.

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