Post your unpopular opinions

McDonald’s french fries now suck. Unless you get direct from the basket fresh, they are inedible. Even fresh, corporate seems to have reduced the frying time. Crispy is not even in the vocabulary anymore.

Shoestring fries suck unless fresh and hot. Give me something substantial like steak fries or waffle fries. Wendy’s fries are the best of the fast food along with Chick-fil-a waffle fries.

Bob Dylan, at least on his records during the 60s (I wasn’t there to see him live), was a very good singer. No slouch with the guitar either.

The “cheese pull” is disgusting, and cheese in general is best in small doses. More is not better.

The government (any government) is bad, and the only problems it actually solves (emancipation, universal suffrage) are problems it caused in the first place, usually centuries too late. We would all be better off without it, rich and poor alike.

Corollary to the above: Freedom of migration is a human right. It should not be illegal to move to another country. It should not be possible to move to another country illegally. (Less unpopular, but free trade is a human right, too, and I’m always baffled when governments get involved in “free trade agreements” as if the buyer and seller of the particular good being traded aren’t the only people who should be involved in those decisions.)

There’s nothing inherently wrong with trophy hunting. It’s only shitty when the animals are endangered, and of course “canned hunts” are for pussies. But I can totally see why Teddy Roosevelt hunted bears and lions. Hunting in general is an admirable sport, and outdoorsmen are usually better stewards of the environment than tree-huggers.

Lawns are a good thing if you don’t bother watering, spraying and fertilizing them.

I believe the argument used by opponents of free trade is that some competition is inherently unfair. For example, if you’re a manufacturer in a country with strict environmental laws it’s generally going to cost you more to manufacture a product than it would cost to manufacture that same product in a country with negligible environmental laws. So you can’t compete on an equal footing with manufacturers from that country.

I think Timothy McVeigh’s actions were not an entirely unreasonable reaction to Ruby Ridge and Waco.

I think we should change the state name of Utah to Poofpoot.

And there it is.

I think that Texas should secede, and be allowed to secede - to be rid of it and its effects on elections and national education.

Everyone who wants Trump impeached and forced to resign need to reconsider. Two words: President Pence.

I’m not talking about the “alt-right” so much as just radicals in general. (Fascism and communism, for example, are really just two sides of the same coin). But while the radical left isn’t really a thing here right now in the U.S., imagine if we had a group of pro-Castro, anarchists going around burning buildings and beating the shit out of anyone who disagreed with them, wanting to censor everything, in the White House, in Congress, etc. That would probably just as fucked up.

I don’t think they’re as prominent – but anyone who acts that way is no better than the alt-right they condemn. They’re just really a pathetic fringe right now.

I’m a leftist, but I loathe extemists. (And no, not in a “both sides do it!” way)

Blowing 168 innocent people into pieces? Yep, that qualifies for this thread.

I don’t like to drink alcoholic beverages. I’m not an alcoholic or preachy about it. You can have all you want. But you should stop offering me any after the second time I tell you “No, thank you.”

As odd as it seems, there is strong scientific evidence supporting this.

Twin studies are the gold standard for analyzing nature vs nurture, and they have shown that roughly half of the variance in a child’s behavior is explained by genetics, half by environment. No surprise there.

However, of the 50% that is attributable to environment, virtually none is explained by the parental environment (barring extreme cases of parental abuse). To show this, you must control for genetics, because we do influence our children’s behavior and personality by the genes we give them. This is why twin studies are important, and they show that biological siblings raised in the same home are no more similar than biological siblings raised in different homes (and that the same is true for biologically unrelated children raised in the same home). This is completely counterintuitive, but (contrary to the claims of critics) there is consistent evidence to support this from many independent studies over the years.

The working assumption is that the peer group outside the home must be the environmental factor that is far more influential on personality development than parental influence, although I’m not aware of any studies to test this explicitly.

Ahh, yes, he’s one of the all-time greatests. One of the GOATs.

Yep, Spice, I have always said raising kids takes alot of luck, and a good humor. My own kids were mostly simple to raise. I had a few problems. Mostly my middle daughter was a little angst-y and generally put out as a teen. She has grown into a lovely young woman. Who is scary smart and a good mother. I couldn’t ask for better. You have seen me post about the lil’wrekker on here, aside from the late breaking pink hair incident, she has been the blessing of my life.
If I can say one thing ‘when’ you get your baby or child, laugh alot, play alot. Be joyful and your child will be joyful. A good humor is contagious.

A helpful suggestion: instead of saying, “No, thank you”, say instead “No, thank you. I don’t drink.”

Maybe that’s why people keep offering. Maybe they don’t realize you don’t drink.

Here is a barrage of my unpopular opinions.

1.) The Godfather is not that great of a movie (singular because its pretty much one movie broken up)
2.) Modern climate change is not fully man made
3.) (agreeing with above posters), The Beatles and Bob Dylan sound terrible (Rolling Stones are better) and alcohol is a blight on humanity
4.)Xbox One is better than Playstation 4.
5.)American Cars and design are still built better than others.
6.) Irish themed establishments are annoying.
7.) If you don’t at least try to fix things on your own (if at all able) before hiring others, you are a peasant.
8.) I am not impressed with humanity as a whole, we can do much better.
9.) We will reach a state of hyperinflation sooner than later.
10.) Peace causes so much war, fighting in the name of it, anyways. We will never be at peace, it is human nature to fight and have war, and war brings upon massive technological change for the better of all.


On first offering, I just say, “nah, I’m good.” Second offering I say, “no thanks - I don’t drink. I’ll just have a water.” This would be at a casual social gathering, and nobody has ever pushed it. If it’s a raucous affair where everyone is plastered, I won’t be there in the first place. I can’t be sober around a bunch of people who are all pounding down drinks. The din of the roaring crowd and the inevitable nine-conversations-going-on-all-at-once with everyone needing to yell into ears to be heard…no thanks. I’ll take a spliff of herb and good tobacco, a quiet room, and the Grateful Dead or some bebop, and one or two soft-spoken people, thanks.

What’s wrong with being a peasant? :wink: And I’d like to add the opposite: sometimes it’s a really bad idea to DIY and you’re better off calling an expert.

LOL, I don’t mean DIY/Half-Assed stuff. I mean more like you are perfectly capable and you know how and/or have a good track record of fixing stuff, but you just hire someone else. Like replacing a faucet, a headlight or something equally trivial. Stuff that takes ten or twenty minutes. It just doesn’t make sense to me in any way.

Mr.Wrekker has been fired as my handy man. He is too slow on the job. If I need it done, it takes a week to explain why/what/where. Too much trouble. Then it takes a week to remind him daily to get what he needs for said project. And no telling how long to finish. Nope. You’re fired, go fishing , my love. I’ll take care of it.