Postal Money Orders- Cancellable?

So recently I hd a transactionon ebay. The seller requested a money order so I sent one. It has apaprently not gotten to him. He’s no offered that I pay through pay pal. He also said I can cancel the money order as long as I have the stub and the receipt. This is news to me. Can this be done?

I assume you’re referring to a USPS money order. If you have the stub, w/ the serial number, you can trace it to see if it’s been redeemed. The guy may be scamming you, or it may have been stolen. Check w/ your P.O., or visit their web site. I think you can get you money back if it was lost or stolen, but it may take 6 months, or longer. If you don’t have the stub you may be SOL.

Yes they can. I recently had to go to court with about some money orders that were used to pay the rent and then canceled.

Thanks for the knowledge.

The relevant page from the USPS:

There is a $3.15 fee to replace a lost or stolen MO.