ebay recourse

I recently bought a calculator on ebay.Actually it was 10 days ago.I sent a postal money order for the amount plus the correct amount of shipping the seller asked for,even though I thought S&H were excessive.
When should I begin worrying that something is wrong since I have not recieved confirmation he got the MO. He said he would notify us when he got it.I might have made a mistake by not sending it registered but I can still check to see if it was cashed.
I understand first class mail can take 10 days but I’m sure that would be the exception rather than the rule.

Do I have any recourse?

Yes, you do have some recourse. You might want to start your search here.

Mail can be slow sometimes. Personally, what I would do is email the seller and ask if he/she has received your MO yet. Maybe they got it and have already shipped your calculator and just got busy and forgot to email you.

I’ve bought/sold hundreds of things on E-bay. You should give no less than 21 days from the date of mailing payment to even expect a reply. Some of the sellers are actually businesses and they have alot of things going on. Other sellers are ordinary folk, but they also have alot of things going on, family, work, vacations, lots of items being sold, etc… 10 days isn’t enough time to start worrying.
After 21 days, drop an e-mail, and give 4 days for response. After that, then start to worry. But don’t expect a gung-ho response from E-bay.I found that E-bay doesn’t do a heck of a lot for you until 3 months or more have passed, and even then their not as helpful as you would like. Did you check the feed back of the seller? Lot’s of good feedback is an excellent indicator.

I’ve never been ripped off by a seller on E-bay, but by several “buyers”.

PK the 21 days is what I was wondering about.
FWIW we checked to see if the MO has been cashed. It hasn’t.
Where the hell it is anyones guess.
Feed back is pretty good on the guy. lots of sales.A couple of negatives but WTH.
Maybe I’m just getting anxious. I’m not used to sending money.

Interestingly enough, I’ve never had a problem with things I’ve purchased, but like pkbites, I’ve had problems with buyers.

Most notably, I’ve had one person pretend to be the winning bidder who e-mailed me when the auction ended from a different e-mail account then the one on eBay. I almost fell for that, but the real person contact me before the whole thing went through. I’m not sure what logic this idiot used since I could have taken his money and he would have had no recourse.

The other thing I’ve had happen are idiots who are new users that snipe something from real bidders, then never follow through with the transaction…Then when you try to contact the second-highest real bidder, he/she accuses you of shill bidding (i.e. having a friend bid up the price) and they are pissed off at you.

I just don’t understand the assholes who do this :mad:

I got an email from the guy a few hours ago. He got the MO and will ship in a couple of days.

Damn you guys are good:D :wink:


I’m mighty new at this but I can see the confusion when someone “snipes” the bid in the last few seconds. The first calculator I bid on was sniped from me in the last 4 seconds. It was so close that after the auction was over I thought I won because my computer still said I was high bidder.

Oh another thing

My main email account is in my real name. Not always a good idea to use.
We decided to make a new one for ebay using my wifes account. Being new I could have easily used the wrong account to email a seller.
My daughter has about 30 accounts,well maybe not that many,she is 14 so each new boyfriend is honored with an account in both their names:D :rolleyes:

I’m glad everything worked out. I snipe often, I rarely bid on anything until the end - why drive the price up by bidding early? Anyway, what I do is have the auction open, then do a ctrl + n and open another window with the auction in it. Then I enter my maximum bid amount, and go on to the page to enter my name/password. Then back in the original window, keep refreshing until there is less than 10 seconds left in the auction. When I can’t stand it and it’s getting close to 0 time left, I place my bid. Refresh again, and if my bid was high enough, I’m the winner!

I’m glad your MO got there. As a seller I once had a buyer email me to tell me they’d sent their MO, but two weeks later I hadn’t gotten it. I emailed them to let them know, and we agreed to wait a bit more. It never arrived, and the buyer determined that it hadn’t been cashed, sent me another MO and stopped payment (or whatever they do with money orders) on the first one.

Anyway, sometimes things do get lost in the mail. It helps to communicate with the other person in the transaction–let them know when you send something off, or when you think something should have arrived by now but you haven’t heard anything, etc. It’s true some ebay sellers don’t have the time to reply to every buyer, but I bet most appreciate knowing that you haven’t forgotten them and you’re serious about the transaction, instead of not receiving payment or purchase and thinking, from your silence, that you’ve left them hanging.