Posters: Monty Python names vs. MST3K names.

Okay, I’m bored and I was wondering how many posters here take their names from Monty Python and how many from Mytery Science Theater 3000.

Crunchy Frog is a Pythonite.

Zap_Rowsdower, you and Torgo are of course Misties.

What others are there?

Well, not me, though I’m with them in spirit.

Who said Jehovah?


Not me, simply because it would be too difficult to choose between two such rich storehouses of opportunity. But still…

Let me join DrMemory in saying, “Making it worse??? How can it be worse??? Jehovah!! Jehovah!! Jevhovah!!”

Well… my name is spelled, “Dragwyr”, but it is pronounced, “Throatwobbler Mangrove”. :smiley:

Monty Python - obvious innit.

Although I sort of regret it as I can’t stand people who recite MP sketches in real life.

For awhile my name was SLEEP!, so chalk that up in the MST3K column.

CalMeacham is the scientist from MST3K: the Movie.

I believe Dinsdale and Michael Ellis are also Pythonites. (Unless they’ve gone and changed their names on me.)

<-------- from Time Bandits. Though not officially a MP movie, it has all the players, is directed by the same guy, and has the same tone, so it’s the same thing in my book.

“Are you boys cooking up there?”
“Are you building an interoceter?”

Sorry…just had to make myself laugh…carry on.

I don’t know if it falls into the same league as MST3K or MP, but I believe that the collected works of Douglas Adams have quite a following.

i.e. HeartOfGold
and Zaphod? <–I think I’ve seen this one.

Wasn’t there a Johnny Longtorso lurking the boards awhile back?

Nuveena is from the MST3K episode with the GM short, Design for Dreaming.

“That’s me but I’m moist.”

I’m surprised Zap_Rowsdower hasn’t checked in yet, from the Funniest. MST3K. Ever.

(I actually use that name elsewhere on the intarweb)

Do you, in fact, have ANY cheese in this thread?


And, of course, you mentioned him in the OP. :smack:

I’m going to go ahead and blame that on, oh, let’s say a long day at work. Yeah, that’ll do it.

I’ve got an MST3K name and a Python sig so bite me you great poovy po-nagger!