Posting from my pda!

Yes indeed! I was finally able to get my iPaq to bluetooth with my Nokia, and here we are! It does take a lot of time typing all of this, so I’ll hit submit now. :slight_smile:

I recently got a Dell Axim to go online though my Sony Ericsson via Bluetooth and GPRS… and I was kinda startled by the bill for the first month! I hope you are on a better plan than me… :slight_smile:

It’s a company phone, so I guess my plan is WAY better. :smiley:

Not to mention that your company itself is way better :smiley:

Mind you, I get a free boat to play with…

Welcome to the club. (although I haven’t used my pda in months)

It is a pain in the behind typing a post. Many a post has been accidentally aborted by tapping the wrong key.

p.s. my pda gets online via a wireless sd card connected to my home wireless adsl router.

But connecting via a mobile phone is way cooler cos you can do it anywhere dude.

I definitely need to get a wireless router at my house. Then I can sit in front of the TV all day with the Internet in my pocket. Now if they only had wireless beer.

Kymodoce, I have the Dell Axim 30 with the integrated bluetooth and WIFI. So far I love it, what a great PDA! It’s especially handy for geocaching although I am terrified I am going to drop it in a creek or something.

I don’t have a bluetooth cell yet, but I sure am tempted by the thought of connectivity anywhere. For those that use it, hows the connection speed?

For those of you, like me, who get highly irritated trying to deal with the various input options, may I recommend: TenGo

This little beauty of a program uses only 6 large buttons each having a certain part of the alphabet on them. As you press the button with the letter you are looking for on it, it calcuates the possible words based on the combination you used. If more than one word exists for the combination, it appears at the top so you just click on it to complete the word.

I can type about 3 times faster using this app then I can using the little keyboard or the transcriber (which doesnt work well for me due to the fact that my handwriting makes chickenscratch look like high quality cursive) and its surprisingly intuitive.